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ok i'm going to make this up as a go along, people say i make funny news/blogs so i'm going to try and put one here

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Ok ok if you people have read my blogs/news you will know how random they can be hopefully this one will be just as funny

Ok so how should i start this hmmm

Ok there was this guy called MattmanDude he was a cowboy guy heres a picture of him

lol thats what you look like MattmanDude don't lie lol

So he went for a walk and run into jjawinte and this jjawinte dude was a true american dude he was from usa and he was a bit old but still into games (so so sorry i don't mean it jjawinte i still love you)
Hes a picture of him ( this is not him in real life just a picture of the net ok so don't take it to hard)

lol i could't find a picture i wanted for you jjawinte so you get to be this guy off american dad lol

Ok so now these three were walking down the read when they ran into a Admiral-165 of the sea which has a avatar of some think thats got nothing to do with his name and this is what he looks like

Lol there you go admiral you get this guy

Then they walked some more and they ran into

and ceiling cat goes to admiral i saw you wanking last night (sorryz)

Then admiral calls in a attack by the USS fail

and kills ceiling and matt goes why you do that for he was only joking and then the maker for the story ask's jjawinte what USS means cos hes super smart (awaits comment)

(omg i just worked out how to make your news private omg yes no more waiting on the makers of this sites YES)

the out of the blue matt gets his role and ties admiral up like a cow

then matt goes why did i do that for and kiwi goes thats it now your SpongeBob squarepants and turns mattmandude into SpongeBob squarepants and shows maamandude what and now looks like

the fucken end


That... was... humorous. However, I don't have a mustache or greying hair lol. Besides that... the first picture is pretty accurate rofl. As for the Spongebob thing. I'm a secure enough man to take a good joke. It was freakin' hilarious. Now let's see how the rest of the folks react to this post hehe.

Edit: Almost forgot. One other problem with that picture of me at the beginning. My hat is a Master Hatters of Texas. One of the official Texas Ranger Hats. A real one. With tan colored sheep skin leather. Not that old brown "thing" in the picture lol.

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KiwiWarrior Author


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keep up those news. they are funny. if you woould make a forum you wouldnt need to authorize them

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freakin funny news!

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