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Recently released and now recently updated! Changes include rain, rivers, swimming, spikes and a bunch of other stuff!

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Reclaimed 0.6 is out! Still only £1.50 on itch!

Changelog for this update includes

  • Added rain
  • Added rivers
  • Added basic swimming animation
  • Added basic corpse animation
  • Added controls screen when joining the game - move your character to exit it
  • Added particle system
  • Added spiketraps, can be activated once and kills player immediately.
  • Fixed camera starting at 32,32
  • Changed builder camera so it's easier to place blocks
  • Changed wall fall time to 60 second

A couple images of this update:

That's all for now! You can purchase the game here and find more information about it from this page or our website. Follow us on Twitter!

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