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I have a new idea, some of you might know it and some don't.

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A raider.

Ringing bells? No? Alright, i'll explain.
Back in the first and second worldwar, there were ships called "raiders".
Mostly small freighters or small ships transporting fish or things like that.
Then the german fleet comes near, no suspission towarts the small freighter.
It passes by the first german ship. The first german ship passes the freighter.
The second passes, the 3ed...4th...5th is the flagship.

Then all the steel plates abord the freighter drop down, splash in the water.
BOOOOOOOOOM BOOOOOOM BOOOOOOM, beneth the plates was a massive gun battery, destroying the flagship and half the cruisers protecting it.

This was called a raider ship. Innocent as it looks but the raider can have a LOT of guns instead of fish. Why blow a small cargo ship out of the water? It's trading with Germany right? WRONG! Normaly a raider once in a good position opens all heches and holes and the steel plates are being removed revealing a that it is not so innocent as it looks. Now you maybe start to get the picture.
Wouldn't it be cool if this could be implemented ingame? I sure think is is. Passing a a field of debry, and then some shitty ships is still active and opening a massive barrage upon your fleet.
I think this would be soooooooo cool.
But thats just my oppinion.
Comment what you think of this. And no, it's not fantasy, this really happened.


i think it would be GREAT!!!! people wouldnt just rush everywhere.

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Jeroenimo Author

yea, I thought that to :-)

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