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I've been very successful in my quest to add several changes and features to Kingpin. So far I have implemented every feature that I wanted to add when I started this mod. The following is the final feature list for this mod:

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A texture pack that will enhance and sharpen all skins and textures in the game including the menus.
All enemy health amounts have been edited to make the weapons more devastating.
The maximum ammo that you can hold in your inventory for each weapon has been doubled except for the Flamethrower and the Grenade Launcher.
Flamethrower max ammo amount has been set to 900.
Grenade Launcher max ammo amount has been set to 48.
Ammo pickups for the bullets have been increased from 20 to 26.
Ammo pickups for the flamethrower have been increased from 50 to 100.
The clip size for the pistol has been increased from 10 to 13 rounds.
The player standard health has been set to 50 and the max health is now 100 which makes the game harder and more realistic.
Weapon mods never break or wear out.
Weapon mods now cost more then they did before.
Weapons now cost more then they did before.
The Heavy Machinegun without the cooling mod fires like the Heavy Machinegun with the cooling mod originally did, and the Heavy Machinegun with the cooling mod has almost no break in between it's 3 round bursts. EPIC!
The Tommy Gun's recoil has been halved.
The HMG's recoil has been reduced.
Shotgun reload time has been slightly shortened.
It's a little easier to blow off body parts so now it takes one good shotgun blast to take off someone's head instead of 2 or 3.
Pawn shops now sell all items no matter what map you're on so now if you got the cash you can buy whatever you want at the very first pawn shop in the game. THUG LIFE!
Flamethrower now shoots fire twice the distance it originally did.
The "get cash" cheat now gives 1000 dollars instead of just 100.
New blood splats and bloodpools.
Explosions from rockets & grenades don't gib bodies anymore.
Rockets now do more damage and are no longer weaker then the grenades.
You cannot blow off body parts with the pistol, magnum, silenced pistol, or the tommygun.
Rocket Explosions are now bigger then the grenade explosions.
The Tommy Gun now shoots a little bit faster.

I am waiting to hear from a fellow Kingpin modder about a 3D engine that he created a little while back that supported Kingpin. If all goes well I will incorporate this updated graphics engine into my mod which result in a very epic outcome. This enhanced engine supports enhanced shaders, better lighting, better shadowing, and more. I will update ASAP.

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