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The idea of how our game launcher will work, inspired by Valve's Steam.

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Now we’ve all probably used Steam before, valve’s game launcher which allows players to pre-load games and buy games directly within it’s launcher cutting out browsers completely using something like webkit as a rendering engine, one of their most boasted features is their score boards and unlock system which seems to be implemented into nearly all new games that appear on the steam store, and the most unlockable title Team Fortress 2.

Well at RageEffect we want to bring you a similar launcher, only we don’t really plan to sell the game (if we don’t have to!) this giving out the game for FREE with regular updates, and how can we afford to do this? Well we’ll make money from our launcher instead - that depends entirely on advertisements through the use of our launcher, and between game matches, or surfing the score boards.


See the chart above to understand how our launcher will work.

- Chris M. (Co-founder)

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