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Mission Update: The radar is finally up and running properly.

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Since the 4th of July weekend, I've been busy trying to get the radar working. Initially I had created level overview textures, but texture scaling made them look really ugly. The scaling also made the radar inaccurate. So I opted to take a little more control over what was going on and render the map with lines(I've had a lot of experience with 2D graphics, and the Source Engine's HUD rendering calls make me feel right at home). I haven't gotten enemies, cameras, or their respective fields of view(FOV's) up yet. I suspect the FOV's will be the most difficult. I load the overviews from a binary file, where each pair of bytes represent X, Y coordinates for the endpoint of a line (each unit represents one tile length - 64 game units). Getting everything lined up properly has been a little tricky, but now that everything is set up I should be able to crank out radar images rather quickly. If I have time, I might try to write a map processing tool, so that I can automatically generate these images. For now, I'm working with the Hex Editor in my trusty Notepad++.

Also, I've enlisted the help of a friend to do some video editing and cut up a trailer for me. Hopefully I'll be able to show you some of what VR MOD actually plays like soon.

Here's an image of the radar in action, you may notice that I've switched to a SOCOM pistol skin, but unfortunately it didn't come with a silencer. I'm trying to get in touch with the artist in the hopes that he/she can add one for me.

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