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With Rad day fast approaching I've got a surprise in store.

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Return of Shadow

Rad Day Special

For the next 3 days you'll be able to vote for a faction to be previewed with a special Rad day update.
The catch is you don't know which faction you'll be voting for, only I will.
The winning entry will be released in preview form on Rad day July 17th.
This special update will only be available for a short time and their are 3 conditions


To vote for the factions head over to the forum post listed below, sign up for the forums if you haven't already and vote for one of the 3 options these are code names that represent a potential faction and only I know which one is which.
You have 3 days to vote which is until July 13 at midnight.
The winning faction will then be announced and released on Rad day on July 17th.

But there are 3 conditions.
The first is that you don't know which faction is which.
The second is that the winning faction must have at least 10 votes or it won't count and no factions will be released with the Rad day update (I'll be releasing something on the day regardless of this event).
The third of course is that you have to sign up to the forums since that is the only place votes will count. Access and staff will be able to vote (except myself of course) since they don't know which faction is which.
Also don't think that Erebor or Strongholds are options just because there's 3 it could be any of the unreleased factions.

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