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Races, which can be Humans relatives - the big article about this extremely strange creatures in the universe.

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Races, which can be Humans relatives

Humans in my book are not only living in the Earth and not only Earth alliance was the state, which created by human race. Humans and their relatives have a lot of own states in the all universe. Now there is no official theory about how humans appears in the universe planets, which were too far from Earth. Scientists trying to explore this secret, but all their theories are only theories and still no proofs. Many scientists made theory that Human race already colonized universe and this even was million years ago. Maybe some alien races explored Earth in the too old ages and relocated some humans to other worlds. Many humans mutated to other races and forget about their main origin.


Hybrids of Humans and Eyrr races. Legends saying that Gods relocated humans from their homeworld to new planet, which have name Byzantium. It was million years ago. Byzantium started to be new home for humans, but soon they met another race Eyrr. They fought with Eyrr many thousand years and soon they started to be allies. After some centuries Humans and Eyrr started to be completely united race. Now Byzantium is the one of powerful universe realms. Earth Alliance had pact with them about peace and help. But Humans from Earth still thinking that Byzantians are alien race and not connected with humans. Byzantians are even like humans. But their world have strange anomaly energy, which making some of them powerful sorcerers and giving special abilities to explore four-element secrets. They are more sorcerers and prefer to don`t use special technologies power.


This race of mutants, who were humans in their past. Human colonists tried to build new colonies in one of the universe worlds, and native race, who lived there, was very good for human reproduction. Humans mixed with native tribes and soon they started to be new race - Ghoul`Khan. They have only one big world, which is their homeworld. They are aggressive and very evil creatures. They made too much wars with other races for colonies and many aliens hates Ghoul`Khan for it. Race of Ghoul`Khan almost don`t use magic, but likes very much to improve their technologies. They made alliance with Hekatonheir race and started to build many powerful armies with robots and androids. Their technology level is very improved. Army of Ghoul`Khan Empire can be threat for many races. But in last 2 centuries, Ghoul`Khan Kaisers don`t trying to make their empire more big, because they started to stick more peaceful politics. Maybe Ghoul`Khan started to afraid of the Elf-Urr power or maybe they tired of wars.


Strange race of "everyday happy people". Their mood is always the best and good. To cry or be sad - in their realm is violation of society rules. Even if someone of their race is dead, Winjo people are always happy, because this dead person is going to Light world. Winjo race thinking that they are not connected with humans. But Earth Alliance scientists found the connections. Winjo have big empire and powerful level of technologies. They have under control several planets. They have very powerful army. Humans have alliance with them against all threats. Winjo don`t believe theories about their past and don`t think that they are humans. But Winjo always happy to help humans with all things. Winjo are like humans, but don`t have persons with strictly black or red hairs. Their hair colours are always white, yellow, blue, pink or even green. The second name of them is "many-coloured hair race". Typical anime race.


Nobody believed that this race have any connections with humans. They are very tough giant creatures with long heads, armored skin (like reptile), no hairs and strong hands. Their males and females are even identical. But scientists found their connections with humans. Stra`Jiss race is living in the planet with huge radiation level. They mutated to other life forms. Their history telling that in their past, Stra`Jis were beautiful race with long hairs and blue eyes. But after wars and increased radiation, their form was changed. Stra`Jis are friends of humans and allies. Stra`Jis have own empire and high technology level. But they absolutely haven`t got abilities to magic. Their main power is rude force and strong fist. Stra`Jis Autocrator made alliance with Earth Coalition against Yotuns.



Verry good article, I like the Stra'Jiss race best

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Great Article :) My personal favourite is the Byzantians because they have magic powers.
But the anime race isnt bad either :P

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BagaturKhan Author

Thanks for your comments. I updated text and fixed there some errors.

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