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At long last im planing too release the Orcish Horde but with some added dsetails and there's no more separate unit updates this means im doing the standard and campaign only units in one big update. So enjoy!

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The contents of this image gallery:

The Peon:
 photo Peon_zpse7317fdb.jpg

Information: The label of Peon denotes the lowest station amongst those in the Orcish Horde. Inferior in all skills of worth, these dogs
are relegated to menial tasks such as harvesting lumber and mining Gold. Their labor is also required for the construction
and maintenance of buildings necessary to support the vast undertakings of the Horde. Downtrodden, the Orc Peons slave
thanklessly to please their overseers.

The Grunt:

Information: Grunts are the first and last line of the Horde's defense. These powerful fighters arm themselves with mighty
battle-axes and display all of the savagery and cunning of their race. In past generations, Grunts were
characterized by their depravity and brutality. But now, under the visionary leadership of Thrall, the
Grunts more closely resemble their savage, yet noble ancestors.
 photo Grunt_zps95a07a95.jpg


The Troll Headhunter:
 photo Headhunter_zpsb75fb4af.jpg

Information: The disenfranchised Trolls of northern Lordaeron have once again pledged their savage services to
the Orcish Horde. These cunning warriors are trained from birth to hunt, track and trap the most
dangerous beasts in the wild. In times of war, however, Troll Headhunters turn their mighty spears upon
the enemies of the Horde without hesitation. Capable of hurling their deadly spears at distant
enemies, Troll Headhunters provide invaluable cover fire for the other warriors of the Horde.

The Troll Bersker:
 photo Berseker_zps6d379bf2.jpg

Information: Troll Headhunters may now be upgraded into Troll Berserkers, which are tougher and
have the Berserk ability. Like Headhunters, Berserkers benefit from Troll Regeneration.

Versatile spear-thrower, good against air units.

The Catapult:
 photo Catapult_zps04394bca.jpg

Information: The Orcish Catapult has always been a standing asset to the Horde. Capable of hurling fiery
projectiles over great distances, Orcish Catapults have been the doom of many Alliance regiments. Though a
small team of Orcs must always be available to man these destructive machines, unerringly Catapults serve
as the Horde's greatest siege weapon.

The Demolisher:
 photo Demolisher_zpsc358bce5.jpg

Inforamtion: The Orcish Demolisher has always been a standing asset to the Horde. Capable of hurling fiery
projectiles over great distances, Orcish Demolishers have been the doom of many Alliance regiments. Though a
small team of Orcs must always be available to man these destructive machines, unerringly Demolishers serve
as the Horde's greatest siege weapon.

The Shaman:
 photo Shaman_zpsb254fe0a.jpg

Information: Under the leadership of Thrall, the Orcs have rediscovered their ancient Shamanistic traditions. In an
attempt to rid the Horde of its demonic corruption, Thrall banned the use of Warlock magic and necromancy.
Now, all Orc magic users practice Shaman magic which draws its power from the natural world and the elements.

The Troll Witchdoctor:
 photo Witchdoctor_zps90e6bf47.jpg

Information: Although they are savage and nefarious in the extreme, the Troll Witch Doctors have aligned
themselves with the Horde out of pure necessity. These dastardly magic users are adept at
manipulating the chemical processes within their fellow warriors in order to augment their combat

The Tauren Spirit Walker:
 photo Spiritwalker_zpsbec326ac.jpg

Information: Mystical Tauren caster with Ethereal Form, which allows him to avoid physical damage.
Believed to be the ill omen of a coming age, white Tauren are held in near reverence
by their people, often becoming reclusive priests who wander the land in search of
kindred spirits. Attacks land and air units.

(also with Etheral Form)

The Raider:

Information: Raiders were once considered to be the most honored warriors of the Horde. Yet, just prior to the Second War,
Gul'dan the Warlock masterminded the disbanding of the Raiders. Now, after many long years, the young
Warchief Thrall has decided to train a new generation. These mighty warriors carry hefty warblades into combat and
rely greatly upon the cunning and ferocity of their faithful Wolf mounts to defeat their enemies.
 photo Wolfrider_zps400db337.jpg


The Kodo Beast:
 photo Kodo_zps55ab2ca5.jpg

Information: The colossal kodo beasts of the Kalimdor plains proved to be valued allies of the Orcish Horde. The mighty beasts
were charged with carrying the Orcs’ pounding war drums into battle. The huge kodos, serving as symbols of Orcish
might and valor, also use their enormous size and strength to aid the Orcs in battle.

The Wyvern Rider:
 photo Wyvern_zps4c44d292.jpg

Information: The sentient Wyverns of Kalimdor were eager to ally themselves with the Shamanistic Horde. Impressed by the Orcs'
commitment to honor and victory, the Wyverns allowed the Orcs to ride them into combat against those who would
disturb the tranquility of Kalimdor and its denizens. The Wyverns, who share a common ancestry with both Dragons
and Gryphons, use their powerful talons and razor-like fangs against both airborne attackers and ground troops.

The Troll Batrider:
 photo Trollbatrider_zps89a28f4d.jpg

Information: Light flying unit with incredible perception. Good at destroying buildings. The fire
obsessed Troll Batriders are often used as reconnaissance for the Orcish Horde.
Attacks land units.

The Tauern:
 photo Tauren_zps4c17cd79.jpg

Information: The mighty Tauren of the Kalimdor plains have pledged their allegiance to the new Horde out of
respect for their courage and honor. The bold Tauren seek only to safeguard their quiet culture
from the deathly fires of the Burning Legion. When roused, Tauren are fierce fighters and use their
flails and horns alike to smash their enemies.

The Summonables:

The Wolf Spirits:
 photo Wolfspirits_zps2c53ca79.jpg

Information: A few Wolf spirits created by the Far Seer.

The Serpent Ward:
 photo Serpentward_zps197b02e0.jpg

Information:The Shadow Hunyer summons an immobile serpentine ward to attack the Shadow Hunter's enemies.

Now the Heroes:

The Blademaster:
Wind Walk
Mirror Image
Critical Strike (passive abillity)
Bladestorm (ultimate abillity)
 photo Blademaster_zpse0a89b54.jpg

Information: Though their numbers are few, the seasoned Blademasters represent an elite fighting force within the Horde. These skilled
swordsmen were once part of the ill-fated Burning Blade Clan which consumed itself in the throes of Demonic
corruption. With their Clan scattered and broken, the proud Blademasters swore a grim oath to free themselves
and their brethren from Demonic control once and for all. Under Thrall's command, the Blademasters have
once again joined the Horde and serve as the young Warchief's personal honor guard.

The Farseer:
Far Sight
Chain Lightning
Feral Spirit
Earthquake (ultimate abillity)
 photo Farseer_zps27afecca.jpg

Information: Far Seers are ancient Orcs who represent the pinnacle of Shamanistic power. These powerful Shamans are counted amongst
Thrall's closest advisors and are constantly in tune with the workings and maneuverings of the Horde. Far Seers
are not only tied to the elements of the earth and sky, but are also adept at foretelling the future.

The Tauren Chieftain:
Shock Wawe
War Stomp
Endurance Aura (passive abillity)
Reincarnation (ultimate abillity)
 photo TauernChieftain_zpsb8d2639f.jpg

Information: These elder Tauren warriors lead their Tribes in daily life as well as in battle. Ceremoniously decked with the
ancient totems of their Tribes, Chiefs uphold the honor and simplicity of Tauren culture. When roused by
battle, the gigantic Chiefs employ enormous warblades which are capable of tearing through solid trees with
one mighty swipe. The Chiefs are fascinated by the Orcs, especially their young leader, Thrall. The Chiefs
see an opportunity to help the Orcs return to their traditional roots by providing a strong example of
honor and courage through all Tauren warriors.

The Shadow Hunter:
Healing Wawe
Serpent Ward
Big Bad voodoo (ultimate abillity)
 photo Swadowhunter_zps17af8dbe.jpg

Information: These reclusive, wily jungle trolls are considered to be the highest authority within their respective warbands.
They are masters of voodoo magics who can use their spirit-powers to both heal their allies and place curses upon
their hapless enemies.
The Shadow Hunters walk the line between darkness and light in hopes of salvaging the future for their savage brethren.

And now the campaign only units:

The Fel Orc Peon:
 photo Felpeon_zps7abf6db1.jpg

Information: the basic builder for the fel orc's.

The Fel Orc Grunt:
 photo Felgrunt_zps5628f846.jpg

Information: Fel orc grunts are used in the campaign after Grom Hellscream drinks from the fountain of chaos. The have a different red skin color and glowing green eyes.

The Fel Orc Raider:
 photo Felraider_zps3de7e60c.jpg

Inforamtion: Fel orc raider are used in the campaign after Grom Hellscream drinks from the fountain of chaos. The have a different red skin color and glowing green eyes.

The Fel Orc Kodo:
 photo Felkodo_zps0d8f9e7e.jpg

Information: A more powerful kodo with increased health and chaos attacks

The Warlock:
 photo Warlock_zps0c78ce17.jpg

Information: With most of the warlock and necromantic magics now forbidden by the new warchief Thrall these powerful spellcasters now serve the Burning Legion.

The Fel Orc Warlock:
 photo Felwarlock_zps8addacc5.jpg

Information: The fel orc's have now fully using warlock's as thier main spellcaster so watch out the warlocks are more powerful the default warlock because of their chaos attacks.

Wild Wyvern:
 photo Wyvern_zps38eacd42.jpg

Infomation: These mighty flying beasts are yet too be tamed.

Spirit Wyvern:
 photo Wyvernspirit_zpsf45d73e3.jpg

Information: wonce these beast were magnificent flyers now they are a shadow of their former selves.

Pack Kodo:
 photo Packbeast_zpsabffbc0f.jpg

Information: A beast of burden loaded with valuable supplies must be protected all the time.

Drak Thul:
 photo Drakthul_zps643278af.jpg

Information:Once an apprentiece of Guldan now he lives in exile in a deserted island haunted by the ghost's of his slaugthered commrades.

Orc Warchief:
 photo Warlord_zpseb53ad15.jpg

Information: a leader of the many orcish clans that make up the Horde

Orc Transport Ship:
 photo Orctransport_zpsc4196c71.jpg

Information: a sturd ship capable of transoprting your units across the sea.

Orc Destroyer:
 photo Orcfrigatte_zpsb72ea0de.jpg

Information: excelent support ship too kill off youre enemies annoying flyers and thus protecting youre transport ships and juggernaughts.

Orc Juggernaught:
 photo Orcjuggernaught_zps87a8f881.jpg

Information: massive capital ship of the horde that can goe toe too toe with other capital ships which youre enemies deploy able too destroy lighter-ships and bulidings.

Next in the line are the heroes:

Blademaster of the Blackrock Clan:
 photo Felblade_zpsad8751a1.jpg

Information:Basicly the abillies as the dafault blademaster only with chaos attacks

Cairne Bloodhoof:
 photo TauernChieftain_zpsb8d2639f.jpg

Things changed when Cairne met Thrall, the young warchief of the new orcish Horde, and, watching him battle and destroy a group of centaurs who had been attacking a tauren,
he became intrigued with their nobility and savagery. When Thrall told
him that they came to look for their destiny, Cairne directed him to the
north, where there was an Oracle.
Thrall reported seeing an army of centaur going north, and Cairne
quickly left to defend his village. Thrall brought his followers with
him, and followed Cairne to defend the village. After defending against
wave after wave of centaur warriors, Cairne told Thrall of his plight,
and Thrall vowed to protect the caravan of Tauren as they crossed the
barrens to Mulgore, in exchange for the location of the Oracle.
Cairne and Thrall managed to evade and defeat the centaur
marauders, and finally made it to Mulgore. Cairne told Thrall that the
Oracle was within Stonetalon Peak, and bid him good luck.
Upon arriving at Stonetalon, Thrall was surprised to find that
Cairne had sought him out, and pledged to repay the debt they owed
Thrall and the Horde. Cairne enlisted the wyverns to help them, and helped to free them from the harpies. He then helped to claim the peak from the humans so that they could enter freely. However, Jaina Proudmoore entered first.
Cairne and Thrall split upon entering the bowels of Stonetalon,
and Cairne found an enchanted spirit stone that would activate an
ethereal bridge towards the Oracle. When they found the Oracle,
Cairne and Thrall found Jaina already there. All three spoke to the
Oracle, who told them that they must all ally if they wished to defeat
the Burning Legion. The three hesitantly agreed.
Cairne's wisdom and strength, and the power of his tauren warriors, helped Thrall to reclaim Grom Hellscream. In a combined effort, the sorcery of all three races were needed to purge the demonic
influence from Hellscream. United in arms, Cairne pledged the loyalty
of his race to the Horde, and together, they managed to defeat the Burning Legion once again.

Chen Stormstout:
 photo Chen_zpsa9e4ced7.jpg

Information: Chen's journeys eventually brought him to the land of Durotar,
and his latest brew had a plethora of strange ingredients that he
feared would be too hard to acquire. He almost lost hope for his recipe
when he was met by Rexxar the travelling Beastmaster.
Chen asked Rexxar to retrieve the ingredients for his brew - a barrel
of Thunderwater, the egg of a thunder phoenix, and a sprig of
Chen was overjoyed when Rexxar returned with the ingredients, and
then mixed his special brew and offered some to Rexxar, who nearly
toppled over from the shock of the volatile beverage! Then Rexxar asked if Chen was trying to kill him, probably in the rhetorical sense but possibly not.
Chen surmised that he would have to further examine the recipe,
having completed one phase of his journey, Chen decided to pause his
brewing and join Rexxar's adventure, so that he might better appreciate
this beautiful, rugged land he had found himself in.
Chen and company went on a secret mission to Theramore Island
to help the Horde find out why the humans were attacking them. They met
with Jaina Proudmoore, who decided to help them out, after seeing what
her father had done. Chen helped Rexxar to defend Thrall and Durotar from Kul Tiras incursions. When the Horde was prepared they launched an attack that ended with the death of Grand Admiral Proudmoore.
After the battle Chen spent some time in Durotar teaching the brewmaster ways to the mentor of Brewmaster Drohn before travelling on. No one knows where he left afterwards, but several of his empty kegs have been found scattered throughout the Barrens. Like the rest of his people, he has apparently maintained his independence, joining neither the Horde nor the Alliance.

Drek Thar:
 photo Farseer_zps27afecca.jpg

Information:Shortly after Rexxar departed to wander the wilds of Kalimdor, Drek'Thar returned to the Frostwolf lands in Alterac Valley, where he continues to lead the Frostwolf clan from the fortress of Frostwolf Keep. He leads the Horde and Frostwolves in the defense of Alterac Valley against the Stormpike Guard, who encroach on the northern edge of the valley.
To this day, he carries the guilt of his actions during the early days of the Horde, and has never forgiven himself.
Drek'Thar serves as Thrall's primary representative in the
Eastern Kingdoms (which is good because Thrall has someone he can trust
in charge); it is however inefficient, because Drek'Thar's home in the
Alterac Mountains is not readily accessible to the main body of the

Grom Hellscream:
 photo Grom_zpse1b4cf8c.jpg

With the destruction of their only passage home and the successful
vanquishing of the orcish strike forces, Grom and the Warsong clan were
forced into hiding in the wilds of Lordaeron.
They eked out an existence on the edge of human civilization for nearly
15 years. All of this time, Grom was forced to fight the demonic curse
that had left him weakened and listless. Where other orcs gave into this
malaise, Grom fought it to the end of his days. As the number of free
orcs was diminished by conflict and old age, their situation looked more
and more hopeless. The young and weak were unable to thrive in this
harsh environment and the day of reckoning looked to be closing in on
the Warsong clan.
Then Grom had a young orc named Thrall
seek him out. Inspired by Thrall's courage, strength and mercy, he
accepted the young outcast and taught Thrall more of the ways of the orc
nations. When the humans searching for Thrall got too close, Thrall
left his side. He was given Grom's necklace as a symbol of the trust
placed in Thrall by Grom. The Warsong clan led by Grom was reunited with
Orgrim Doomhammer and Thrall's lost clan, the Frostwolves. Battling against the human internment camps surrounding the stronghold of Durnholde, the two clans set about freeing and reinvigorating the orcish nations.
While the orcish horde was looking for land to settle on in
Lordaeron, they were instructed by the new Warchief Thrall to journey
across the seas to the strange new continent of Kalimdor.

Grom Hellscream Posesed:
 photo FelGrom_zps02809e08.jpg

When Grom began to again feel the twinge of the demonic curse, he
proved unable to resist the sweet nectar it promised him. After
attacking a human settlement at Stonetalon Mountain, disobeying direct
orders from Thrall, he was given what was presumed to be an easy, out of
the way mission to clear land and gather lumber for the new Horde's
settlement. However, the night elves
were angered when Grom's orcs began to cut down the trees in Ashenvale
Forest and attacked without explanation. He received help from the goblin Neeloc Greedyfingers who gave him goblin shredders for killing a furbolg.
The Warsongs under Grom managed to successfully defend themselves and
kill their attackers, but by doing so they caught the attention of the
demigod Cenarius.
Determined to avenge the deaths of the night elves who had fallen
against the Warsong Clan and protect the forest from what he saw as
further desecration, Cenarius attempted to slaughter the orcs. Cenarius
appeared to know something of the history of the orcs and was convinced
they were "demon-spawned wretches" who deserved only death. In an
exchange with the demigod during one skirmish Grom vehemently told him
that the orcs no longer served any demons, but Cenarius didn't believe
him and continued his attempts to kill them all. The orcs quickly
discovered that Cenarius was invulnerable to conventional attacks. Death
at Cenarius' hands seemed inevitable.
One of the troll witch doctors
accompanying the Warsong Clan told Grom he sensed strange energies
nearby which might be able to aid them in defeating Cenarius. When Grom
investigated he discovered a fountain of blood. This was the doing of
the pit lord Mannoroth, who had originally enslaved the orcs after Gul'dan
convinced them to drink his blood with promises of power. Mannoroth saw
Cenarius as a formidable obstacle standing in the way of the Burning
Legion, as he had been during the War of the Ancients. The demon poured more of his blood into the fountain on a suggestion from Tichondrius,
hoping that the orcs would once again drink it and become sufficiently
re-energized with demonic power to kill Cenarius. There was also another
reason Mannoroth hoped they would partake of his blood...
When Grom brought his troops to the fountain, the witch doctor
told him that he could sense that the fountain contained demonic energy.
One of Grom's soldiers told him that if they drank from the fountain
they would be going against everything they had been taught by Thrall.
But to Grom these things did not matter. Desperate to preserve his clan
from this new threat, Grom drank from the fountain and either persuaded
or forced those under his command to do likewise. Driven again by the
demonic energies, Grom attacked and destroyed the demigod Cenarius'
forces. Even the demigod himself was no match for the enraged orc
chieftain's demon-enhanced might.
After Cenarius fell, Mannoroth appeared. By drinking the Blood of Mannoroth, the Warsong Clan were once again susceptible to the vile pit lord's
control. When Mannoroth told him this Grom was horrified, but that
horror was one of his final independent thoughts before Mannoroth
exercised control and turned Grom and the rest of the clan into his
slaves, causing them to despise Thrall and the rest of the Horde and
make war on them and the humans, under Jaina Proudmoore,
whom Thrall had since allied with. Determined to save his old friend,
Thrall confronted Grom after fighting through the corrupted Warsong
clan. When Thrall reached him, Grom told him the horrible truth of the
demonic curse. The orc clan chieftains had willingly taken the bloodlust
offered by the Burning Legion. They were not so much cursed as doomed
by the willing choices made by their power-hungry leaders.
Thrall (with the help of Cairne Bloodhoof and his tauren)
managed to capture Grom and bring him to Jaina, who worked with other
magic-users from both her forces and Thrall's to perform a ritual that
would release him from his blood curse.

 photo Guldan_zps18b36f43.jpg

Information: Gul'dan was a former orc shaman from Draenor who became the first orcish warlock as well as the de facto founder of the Orcish Horde. Abandoning the ways of shamanism and betraying both his people and his mentor to the demonlord Kil'jaeden
for personal gain and power, Gul'dan was directly responsible for the
orcs' fall to demonic enslavement as well as for the Horde's invasion of
Azeroth. Tutored by the lord of the Burning Legion, he became the founder and master of the Shadow Council as well as the original creator of the necromantic terrors known as death knights.Gul'dan is considered by many to have been the most cunning and powerful mortal warlock to ever have existed. He often referred to himself as "Darkness Incarnate" and "The Destroyer Of Dreams

 photo Rexxar_zps1e6cbc19.jpg

Information:Rexxar, Champion of the Horde, is a half-ogre, half-orc beastmaster of the Mok'Nathal clan, and may be one of the last half-ogres of the clan. He saved the city of Orgrimmar from the hatred of an enemy of the Horde. He was instrumental in assisting the Horde after the fall of the Burning Legion. Due to his mixed lineage, he is a towering and massively muscled warrior, and he wields his two huge axes with tremendous skill and ferocity. Rexxar is always seen with his loyal bear companion Misha.

 photo Thrall_zpsb42a671d.jpg

Information:Thrall and Grom spent much time gathering together the dispersed
forces of the Horde. But it was some time later, when Thrall was with a
small force in the Arathi Highlands,
that he received a strange dream. He saw armies clashing, and fire
raining from the sky, and a voice warning him of things to come.
When he awoke, he realized that it was no dream, it was a vision, granted him by the mysterious Prophet,
who enigmatically told him that he was not what he seemed, that he had
abandoned his humanity long ago, and that he had foreseen the future
with the only hope for the orcs salvation was to leave Lordaeron—sail west to Kalimdor, and there, they would find their destiny.
Thrall obeyed, and gathering the Horde, prepared to make their way across the Great Sea. The clans
begun assembling and he constructed a base to give the Horde a place to
stay. Grom turned out to have been captured by humans, and Thrall
quickly stepped in to save him. Hellscream then got the idea, to steal
the human ships so that they could leave the human lands forever. With
the Horde assembled, they stole the ships, and left across the Great Sea
to the forgotten lands of Kalimdor.

 photo Swadowhunter_zps17af8dbe.jpg

Formerly led by Sen'jin on the Broken Isles, Rokhan joined Thrall and his Horde when he saved them from the Sea Witch and led them to Kalimdor. After the Battle of Mount Hyjal, the trolls settled on the Echo Isles off the coast of Durotar, but Rokhan remained in Orgrimmar as a scout for Thrall. When Rexxar came to Orgrimmar with Mogrin's report, Thrall asked Rokhan to accompany the beastmaster's trek through the wilds.
Rokhan and Rexxar found humans on the coast of Durotar after they got to the observatory in Gar'thok's Outpost, and when they reported to Thrall, he sent them back to find the outpost ruined, and the humans quite hostile.
Rokhan began to worry about his own people on the Echo Isles, and
thought that perhaps they should come to the mainland to avoid any
danger. Thrall agreed, and sent Rokhan and his band to the Echo Isles to
warn Vol'jin and see them off the island.
After destroying the battleships that blocked their path and
lighting signal fires for the outlying village, Rokhan and Rexxar were
sent to a summit in Thrall's place. When they were ambushed, Thrall,
hoping to finish things peacefully, sent Rokhan and his friends to Theramore Island to secretly parlay with Jaina Proudmoore.
With Jaina's aid, they discovered the invaders were led by Jaina's own father Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, who was determined to wipe out the Horde in Durotar. Rokhan battled alongside Rexxar as they hastily traveled around the Barrens enlisting aid from their allies. Finally, the human and orc forces clashed in a titanic battle at Tidefury Cove, and when the orcs emerged victorious, they chased the humans back to Theramore. Rokhan helped to lead the raid
on Theramore, and battled Daelin Proudmoore's elite forces beside
Rexxar. After Proudmoore's defeat and the end of the war, Rokhan was
honored by his people and Thrall's.

 photo Blademaster_zpse0a89b54.jpg

Information: Samuro once lived in a village with his brethren. Unfortunately for him, a bloodthirsty Wildkin known as Bloodbeak destroyed his village. With vengeance in mind, Samuro hunted Bloodbeak until he finally met with success. Bloodbeak was slain, and Samuro could pay attention to his newly assigned task of sabotaging a Kul Tiras base camp near the coast.
Samuro was successful in this as well by using stealth to place
demolition charges near vital structures of the Kul Tiras base (likely Tiragarde Keep in World of Warcraft). With his mission accomplished, Rexxar, Rokhan, and Chen Stormstout could continue with a mission of their own, and Samuro was free to continue as he wished.

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