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Here’s the second race we are showing: the ominous Empire.

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Nobody knows the origins of the Empire, how it was formed or by whom. Scientists speculate that a once peaceful race, the Lirri, endured some kind of disastrous genetic disease which made them seek salvation by means of complex genome modifications. Unfortunately, the process went wrong, and the newly created creatures turned on their masters and, not encountering any resistance, quickly conquered the planet. Soon, there were no Lirri. There was only the Empire.The Empire conquers and assimilates. Its hunger cannot be satiated. It needs fresh blood, for the people of the Empire are sterile, and food, for it cannot feed the enormous fleets on its own.Imperial warriors are genetically engineered to be unparalleled in the arts of war. They are strong, extremely tough, and their prowess in piloting and shooting is second to none. No other species can stand up to them both physically and in terms of skill.There is no ‘I’ in the Empire. Every member of the “species” works towards the common goal without doubt or hesitation. Loyalty is imprinted in their genes. Only random mutations of the genome can circumvent it. Those are few and far between, however, and the Empire takes great care to eradicate every imperfection.Upon gaining control of a planet, the Empire starts to convert its fauna and flora. It does take a bit of time to engineer and readjust a world before it can serve its new rulers, and thus it is not immediately contributing to the war effort. This also means a quick retaliation strike, before the changes come into effect, can be crippling to the Empire’s economy. However, the resilient physiology of the imperial populace gives means to settle on planets normally uninhabitable by even the sturdiest species.

TRAITSPower of the Genome – genetic mutations made soldiers of the Empire lumbering hulks, but also rendered them sterile. The only way their colonies can grow is by supplying captives that are then modified into Empirians. The Empire is able to raid other civilizations even when at peace, although any such action justifies declaring war as a response.Live by the laser, die by the laser – diplomacy is a concept alien to the Empire. You either conquer, or are conquered instead. That means that the Empire can only declare war and make ceasefires, any other treaties are unavailable. In addition, no one really wants to be neighbors with them.War is the only answer - The Empire only cares about war, not civics or culture. Military technology is researched at much higher rate, at the cost of civilian advancements. Unrest is almost nonexistent, but food production is struggling.GAMESTYLEIt’s you versus the whole galaxy. The Empire has the military advantage, but don’t be overzealous, or your civilization will stagnate.AI PersonalityExpansionist, Warmonger

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