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The full 1.0 version is now released with at least a very few new surprises.

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Being so tired on this development, the RA3 Reloaded mod is finally completed on a full 1.0 release on this April Fool's Day, because this release is not a joke. This commemorates the two-year old release of the April Fools Mammoth Tank (aka the Mumakil) by EALA.

Mirror 1:
Mirror 2:
Mirror 3:

Here are the final 1.0 changes for this mod. There'll might be a patch on some changes that will need to be issued. So far I am counting several issues already.

Version 1.0 Changes

• New units imported from Uprising: Cryo Legionnaire, Pacifier FAV, Future Tank X-1, Harbinger Gunship, Chief Scientist, Ursa Major, Grinder, Reaper, Desolator, Mortar Cycle, Archer Maiden, Steel Ronin and Giga-Fortress

• New units imported from unit source code mods: ChronoTank, Battle Fortress, Mumakil, Tesla Tank, Attack Drone, Annihilator Tripod, Greater King Oni and Shogun Executioner

• New structures to build in RA3: Allied Command Center, Allied Coastal Gun, Soviet Operations Center, Soviet Artillery Dome, Japan Robotics Lab, Japan Power Core, Japan Tri-Cannon Gun and Allied Pillbox

• Added Tier 4 structures and units to build (plus changes):

-- Command Center: 3000/30. (formerly VIP Bunker) Uses 100 power. Requires Defense Bureau.
-- Coastal Gun: 2500/30. Uses 100 power. Requires Command Center. Decreased range to 700.
-- ChronoTank: 2500/25. Requires Command Center and Max Clearance. HP increased to 3000. Attack damage decreased by 20%.
-- Future Tank X-1: 3200/30. Requires Command Center and Max Clearance. Increased moderate buff on attack damage. HP increased to 4000.
-- Harbinger Gunship: 4000/40. Requires Command Center and Max Clearance. HP increased to 6000.

-- Operations Center: 3000/30. (formerly VIP Bunker) Uses 100 power. Requires Battle Lab.
-- Artillery Dome: 2500/30. Uses 100 power. Requires Operations Center. Attack damage decreased by 25%, weapon speed increases to 550 from 500, clip size reduced to one, clip reload time decreased 50%, splash damage decreased to 100, range reduced to 700 from 800 and suppression reduced to 100 from 200.
-- Mumakil: 3000/30. (aka the April Fools Mammoth Tank) Requires Operations Center. It's the modified unit from BFMEII and it can walk on water and also added an anti-air weapon. Attack damage is 30% higher than the Apocalypse Tank.
-- Ursa Major: 3000/30. (aka Giant War Bear) Requires Operations Center. HP is 6000. Melee attack damage decreased by 25% from the original.
-- Kirov Airship: 3000/30. The unit has becomingly more powerful for its use.

-- Robotics Lab: 3000/30. Requires Nanotech Mainframe.
-- Power Core: 2000/30. (gains 700 power) Requires Nanotech Mainframe.
-- Tri-Cannon Gun: 3000/30. Uses 150 power. Requires Robotics Lab. Attack damage decreased by 25%.
-- Annihilator Tripod: 3000/30. Requires Robotics Lab and Mecha Bay Breakthrough. Attack damage decreased significantly.
-- Giga-Fortress: 6400/30. No limit. Requires Robotics Lab, Power Core and Docks Breakthrough. Attack damage decreased to 500 (750 when upgraded) for airborne death weapon and siege cannon weapon damage decreased to 200 from 250.
-- Greater King Oni: 4000/40. No limit. Requires Robotics Lab, Power Core and Mecha Bay Breakthrough. HP decreased to 6000. Attack damage decreased by 25%.
-- Shogun Executioner: 10000/120. Limit one. Requires Robotics Lab, Power Core and Mecha Bay Breakthrough. Attack damage decreased by 66%. Shockwave ability damage decreased by 70%. Unit ability cooldown increased to 30 sec.

• All global, balance and bug changes done in RA3 patches 1.11 and 1.12 are included in this mod. The following changes listed below are new and edited changes (some from RA3 Community Patch 1.13) to enhance RA3 version 1.12:
-- Economic buff: each Ore Node (skirmish and MP only) starts with 40000 credits, Ore Miner collects 300 credits every 10 seconds. On some certain SP missions and skirmish maps, the count capacity of an ore node may be higher or lower than the maximum capacity. Oil Derrick gain 15 credits per second (capturing it gains 1000 credits) and each money crate gain 2000 credits.
-- All Ore Collectors are no longer buildable from War Factory and Naval Yard to all three factions because it's redundant. They are buildable from Ore Refineries in which EALA already did.
-- Due to weak health values, all vehicles (except air units and tier 4 units) increase their HP by 30%, all structures increase their HP by 25% and all EORTS egg cores increase their HP by 25%.
-- All factional, neutral and civilian structures and defenses now take 50% damage from gun damage types from 100%. They also take 10% of damage from radiation.
-- Main menu logo for this mod added. FPS limit increased to 60 from 30 on all maps.
-- Sidebar has 4 rows x 3 columns of building unit(s) and structure(s) imported from RA3 Uprising.
-- The player techs in the support powers menu have been modified under conditions from Uprising.
-- Multiplayer/skirmish modes now have more color options to choose from.
-- Players can now set up to ten beacons maximum.
-- Any unit that reaches heroic veterancy will auto-heal itself. Some units previously do not auto-heal.
-- All skirmish games now start with a MCV instead of a Construction Yard. Unpack time is 1 sec.
-- All Uprising maps and special promotional maps are included in the mod. All SP and MP maps in RA3 have been modified for zooming improvement. Also added Grinderberg, Freeze Factor and Serenity Gardens maps from “Acid_Crash”.
-- Due to the gameplay issue of large units on the battlefield, Tanya, Natasha and Yuriko Omega cannot attack Shogun Executioner and Giga-Fortress as targets.
-- All wall hubs and sections now cost 10 credits each instead of 100. Selling each wall is 5 credits.
-- Added experience levels to all new units (including Uprising units) and the pillbox.
-- Allied and Soviet Outpost deploy times are now 20 seconds from 30.
-- Allied, Soviet and Empire MCV speed increased to 55 from 50.
-- Javelin IFV and Multigunner Javelin reload time reduced to 2 from 4.
-- Damage of final squadron support power increased significantly.
-- Balloon bomb damage increased to 200 from 150.
-- Healing amount to repairing structures is only 40 per second.
-- The elimination of air-to-air combat. It’s really a nuisance to all SP campaign missions and winds up a bad technique in gameplay. When attacking air units, aircraft are supposed to keep on moving, not to stop and attack. Also it’s unacceptable to have aircraft equipped with too much machine gun ammo to attack other aircraft. In C&C3, GDI Firehawks only have six to eight air missiles to attack against enemy aircraft but that was its ability as a secondary attack. As of now, all factional aircraft cannot attack other aircraft. Allied Apollo Fighters and Japan Jet Tengus become scouting spy planes. Soviet Migs now rely on ground attacks just like Vindicators but with less power.

• For the cost, build time and other balance changes, each unit or structure will be based on each factional build command.

Allied Cost and Balance Changes:
• Attack Dog: 200/4
• Peacekeeper: 200/5
• Javelin Soldier: 300/6
• Engineer: 500/10. Speed increased from 40 to 50.
• Spy: 750/10.
• Tanya: 2000/25. Limit is 1.
• Riptide ACV: 800/8. Infantry units that are in Riptide ACVs can now attack from inside.
• Multigunner IFV: 700/7
• Guardian Tank: 900/9. Health increased by 15%.
• Mirage Tank: 1600/16
• Athena Cannon: 1400/14
• Vindicator: 1200/12
• Apollo Fighter: 500/10. (Spy plane. Weaponless.)
• Prospector: 1400/14. Speed increased by 25%, health is doubled.
• MCV and Construction Yard: 5000/50. Radius increased to 800 from 600 to every supporting structure that has been upgraded with heightened and max clearances. Repack time is 3 seconds.
• Century Bomber: 2000/20
• Cryocopter: 1600/16
• Hydrofoil: 900/9
• Dolphin: 750/8
• Assault Destroyer: 1600/16. It can now attack naval units with torpedoes.
• Aircraft Carrier: 2000/20
• Power Plant: 700/7. Power provided is 150. When built, unpacking reduced to 2 seconds.
• Barracks: 500/8
• Defense Bureau: 2000/30. Requires War Factory and Airfield.
• Airfield: 1000/10. Requires War Factory to be built.
• Naval Yard: 1000/10.
• Refinery: 2000/20 each.
• War Factory: 2000/20 each.
• Multigunner Turret: 1200/12. Requires Refinery to be built
• Spectrum Tower: 1500/20. Requires Defense Bureau to be built.
• Chronosphere: 1500/30. Requires Defense Bureau to be built.
• Proton Collider: 2500/30. Requires Defense Bureau to be built.
• Heightened Clearance cost 1500 and 20 seconds to upgrade.
• Max Clearance cost 3000 and 40 seconds to upgrade.

Soviet Cost and Balance Changes:
• Conscript: 100/4
• War Bear: 200/4
• Flak Trooper: 300/6. Using mines now do 50% damage against structures.
• Tesla Trooper: 800/10
• Engineer: 500/8. Speed increased from 40 to 50.
• Natasha: 2000/25. Limit is 1. Pilot snipe reload speed reduced to 40s from 60s. Bombing run arrive time reduced to 3s.
• Sickle: 800/8
• Bullfrog: 900/9
• Hammer Tank: 1000/10
• Terror Drone: 600/10
• V4 Rocket Launcher: 1400/14. Requires Battle Lab to be built.
• Tesla Tank: 1600/16. Requires Battle Lab to be built.
• Apocalypse Tank: 2000/20. Now comes with missile packs effective against aircraft.
• Ore Collector: 1400/14, speed increased by 25%, health is doubled.
• MCV and Construction Yard: 5000/50. Repack time reduced to 3 seconds.
• Stingray: 1000/10. Speed on land increased.
• Akula Sub: 1600/16
• Dreadnought: 2000/20
• Twinblade: 1200/12
• Kirov Airship: 2000/20. Speed increased to 40, afterburner speed increased to 65.
• MIG Fighter: 1000/10. It now has missile packs for ground attacks similar to the Vindicator.
• Sputnik: 1500/15 (aka surveyor)
• Reactor: 600/6. Power provided is 100.
• Super Reactor: 2000/20. Power provided is now 500 instead of 350. Requires Observation Post.
• Battle Bunker: 500/5. Can now be built in the defenses tab. (not yet)
• Crusher Crane: 1500/15. Crane cannot build defenses and superweapons.
• Battle Lab: 3000/30. Requires War Factory and Super Reactor to be built.
• Airfield: 1000/10. Requires War Factory to be built.
• Barracks: 500/8
• Naval Yard: 1000/10
• Refinery: 2000/20
• War Factory: 2000/20
• Bunker: 500/8
• Sentry Gun: 800/10. Require Barracks to be built. Decreased attack damage by 50%.
• Flak Cannon: 800/10. Require Refinery to be built.
• Tesla Coil: 1500/20. Requires Battle Lab to be built.
• Iron Curtain: 1500/30. Requires Battle Lab to be built.
• Vacuum Imploder: 2500/30. Requires Battle Lab to be built.
• War Factory, Naval Yard and Airfield now have repair drones.

Japan EORTS Cost and Balance Changes:
• Imperial Warrior: 150/5
• Burst drone: 300/5. Self destruct timer reduced to 1 second.
• Tankbuster: 300/6
• Shinobi: 1000/10
• Yuriko Omega: 2500/30. Limit is 1.
• Rocket Angel: 900/12
• Engineer: 500/8. Speed increased from 40 to 50. When using ability, a 200% speed bonus is applied when sprinting and duration is increased to 12 seconds. Reload time is halved.
• Sudden Transport: 600/6
• Striker/Chooper-VX: 1200/12
• Jet/Mecha Tengu: 800/8 (Scout plane with no weapon, ground weapon remains.)
• Tsunami Tank: 1000/10
• King Oni: 2000/20
• Ore Collector: 1400/14. Speed increased by 25%, health is doubled.
• MCV and Construction Yard: 5000/50. Repack time is 3 seconds.
• Wave-Force Artillery: 1500/15
• Sea/Sky Wing: 1000/10. Rise speed increased from 1.5 to 2.5.
• Shogun Battleship: 2200/22
• Naginata Cruiser: 1800/18
• Yari Mini-sub: 800/8
• Instant Generator: 1000/10. Power provided is 150.
• Nanotech Mainframe: 2500/40. Requires War Factory and Refinery to be built. The name has been renamed due to confusion with the Maincore Mainframe name.
• Instant Dojo: 600/8
• Refinery: 2000/20
• Mecha Bay: 2000/20
• Imperial Docks: 1000/10.
• Defender-XV: 800/10. Requires Barracks to be built.
• Wave-Force Tower: 1500/20. Requires Nanotech Mainframe to be built.
• Nanoswarm Hive: 1500/30. Requires Nanotech Mainframe to be built. Radius increased to 250.
• Psionic Decimator: 2500/30. Requires Nanotech Mainframe to be built.
• Dojo Upgrade is 500/15, Dojo Breakthrough is 1000/30.
• Mecha Bay upgrade is 1000/15, Mecha Bay Breakthrough is 2000/30.
• Docks upgrade is 750/15, Docks Breakthrough is 1500/30.

Bugs and Issues:
** The building function of the Giga-Fortress requiring Robotics Lab and Power Core (even if the Docks Breakthrough upgrade works) does not work. The override is denied and not recognized by the Mod SDK compiler which goes on by default as the same original price and requirements from RA3 Upheaval.
** Adding the starting amount of credits at the skirmish menu to a maximum of 60000 does not work as if it has no effect ingame.
** Allied Pillbox currently does not have textures when built and when it’s destroyed. Also it does not have the proper animation when firing its sentry gun weapon.
** Mumakil still fires with its primary weapon (at attack range) when attacking aircraft. The missile packs for the unit are its secondary weapon.
** Tripod does not have a death animation when being crushed by the Shogun Executioner.
** The build limit of five to a specified unit seems to be working from the modified AptUI, but the game still restricts to one on the field due to the UNIQUE_UNIT KindOf define.

• Bibber for the complete dummy art files and the mod sdk extra files, and helping me on the coding.
• Jonwil for the 4-rows screen UI modification and his tools.
• Frish for the OP Mod source codes involving Shogun Executioner and Emperor King Oni Unit.
• Overmind for the modified Mumakil art assets and source codes (formerly called the April Fools Mammoth Tank) and Lauren for the Mumakil's death animations, particles and sounds.
• DavoPlayer for the Desolator Bomber and Battle Fortress unit source codes.
• TheWorms for the ChronoTank source code.
• Madin for the Allied Pillbox art and source code.
• Acid_Crash for his three awesome skirmish maps.
• R3ven (formerly aka Huhnu) for the Huhnu Alert 3 and HA3 Minimod source codes.
• Bobug and RedAlert2008 for some of the good balance changes from RA3 Community Patch 1.13.
• EALA for the Uprising unit art assets, the RA3 Mod SDK and the art packs.
• The modders of the RA3 modding community for the custom shaders, the Attack Drone source, some help and all others. (Will name the users when I have more info.)


many changes
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is there any way to play the mod but with the normal attack aircraft?(air-to-air combat)

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