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R6?! Custom HUD?! New CTF mechanics?! Massive brain damage due to mind-boggling propriety!

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Yep! That's right! Seeing as how it's Summer and I'm on break, I figured I'd publicly release what I've worked on during my past few seasonal two-week breaks. Among various other updates - such as improved rifle and pistol animations, and new CTF mechanics - you can finally test out the brand new custom HUD that I designed as well as Endor, which is finally supported! (special thanks to AQT for revamping the map) Not only that, but you can download and test them out right now in the open beta! I'm releasing another open beta because I need feedback, and seeing as how I got a decent amount of it from the previous open betas, I've decided to let you all give things a shot and help debug the mod! (A third time!)

Want a complete list of the changes and additions that are included thus far in this patch? Follow the second link below!

DOWNLOAD! (View Build Manifest)
View R6 Change Log


To install the patch, view or download the build manifest by following the first link above; the build manifest contains everything you need to know about this build. As soon as you have the build manifest open, next to "File Path," follow the link "Patch Version (R5-R6) (Mediafire)" to download the R6 production patch setup file.

If you do decide to play the open beta, I implore you to not just pass up any bugs you encounter as things that "somebody else reported/will probably report," but instead take the 5-10 minutes to report the bugs. It's easy, it doesn't take very much time, and it will help improve the mod. Don't feel obligated to report things, but keep in mind the simple fact that the quality of the mod is largely based on the bugs that are and are not reported.

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