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Again an update but this time it focuses on some major balance issues of the older versions. It might still not be perfect but it's a lot better to play now concerning the overall difficulty. Also, it fixes some more bugs found so far. A complete changelog can be found below.

This will hopefully be the last update until the next Defender faction is done. Only Soviets all the time gets boring. By the way, I encourage you to take part in sharing ideas for the upcoming Allied Defender.

R3D Beta v1.02

  • Creeps and tower weapon damages completely re-designed
  • Brute Commander: All towers will receive an armor debuff after purchasing the "Damage Spell" upgrade which was applied by default when choosing this Commander
  • Rank Commander: By purchasing the "Advanced Towers" upgrade the power limit won't be reduced but superweapons cannot be built or casted any longer
  • Rank Commander: "Bounty Hunter" support power now for free
  • Tech Crane: cost reduced from 3000$ to 2500$, build limit raised to 2, consumes power
  • Flak Cannon: cost increased from 1300$ to 1400$, rank cost and refund value scaled appropriately
  • Flak Terror Drones are no longer acquirable by Creeps
  • Tesla Coil: build prerequesites changed from Tech 3 to 2, ability needs Tech 3 to be casted now
  • Cost and build times of tech upgrades reduced drastically
  • Cost for both Commander upgrades equalized to 2500$ and 5000$, build times increased
  • The Creeps Crane does no longer spawn repair drones but can still repair vehicles
  • Tower Control now provides the correct amount of Credits in "Short And Deadly" mode
  • Increased Tower Control income in "No Extra Credits" mode
  • Fixed a bug with Tesla Coils that could not receive specific Rank upgrades
  • Fixed a bug with the Tower counter that is displayed after each wave
  • Fixed a bug where Credits where still provided after a wave in "No Extra Credits" mode
  • Map "Jeepers Leapers": every player randomly starts with an additional Oil Derrick
  • Art
    » Previously removed hulks of destroyed Creeps are optimized and do now appear
    » Hints for Heroic and Boss Creeps removed, those units are now bigger
  • Corrected some false description strings
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