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Time to update your R3D, Comrades!
This version aims on fixing some more or less critical issues and introduces many changes on balance and game logics to advance the overall gameplay. Also it adds one new map and two additional challenge TD modes that should bring you some more hours of fun. For a complete list read the changelog below.

R3D Beta v1.01

  • 1 new TD map called "Jeepers Leapers" (3 human players)
  • 2 new TD challenge modes
  • game mode "Limited Towers": waves reduced from 30 to 20
  • New Lives system: Except for "Short And Deadly" game mode the Lives count now equals the Wave count
  • New Training system: Instead of the Lives system disabled, you now just start with more Lives
  • Veterancy bonus for Creeps re-adjusted to optimize AI difficulty
  • Emergency Repair cooldown in Short And Deadly mode set to default 10s, costs are still doubled
  • Sell Tower ability now takes effect with a 2s delay and highlights the chosen tower in red
  • Bunker anti-surface damage (was 35) and anti-air damage (was 30) both set to 40
  • Bunker is able to attack Terror Drones
  • A L5 Triple Threat deals the right amount of damage in secondary mode
  • Schnitzel Supreme's water ability now implemented correctly with intended damage and EMP effect
  • Cluster Grenades protocol does now also affect the Bunker's anti-surface weapon and increases its damage by 15%
  • Repair drones of Tech Crane do now also spawn in Tutorial mode
  • Creeps Radio Tower speed boost affects only to infantry (no dogs and bears), range decreased
  • V4 Sites do only attack vehicles in primary mode and infantry in secondary mode
  • Fixed a bug with V4 rockets that did often deal no damage even on direct hit
  • Fixed a bug where the last built tower could not be sold when you previously ran out of power
  • Fixed a bug where the game crashed shortly after the "Defeated" message popped up
  • Fixed a bug where Creeps did sometimes move back if you built a tower next to them
  • For the current maps the Creeps' armor is now reduced depending on player count
  • Map "Split Decision": increase of HP with each wave slightly reduced
  • Art
    » L5 Schnitzel and Schnitzel Supreme show up their coils
    » Fixed a glitch where Flak Cannon turrets did not aim targets without Magnetic Focus protocol
    » Flak Cannon lasers (Magnetic Focus) removed for now but effect is still present
  • various smaller changes
Dibelius Author

I forgot to add that I edited the first 10 waves of the "Hold The Line" map. When playing alone there's either no or a very low chance that amphibious Creeps will randomly move to water in the map center and also the water spawn locations are rarely used.

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Very cool changelist :D

Can't wait to download this and play it when I get home later today :D

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Cool, that always made me mad cuz I always play alone xD

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