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We have changed a few things here and there. See the details of this news post for more information.

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Tiberium spikes now give $250 to entire team if it was captured for the first time.
Tiberium spikes now give $5 a second.
Engineers removed from free character purchases.
Engineers now repair a little faster.
Grenadiers removed from free character purchases.
Grenadier moved to advanced character menu and costs $800.
Grenadier health bumped to 200/100.
Grenadier ammo damage doubled.
Zonetrooper is now properly identified in the game.
Zonetrooper now costs $1300
Sniper now costs $1000
Simple rocket soldiers removed.
Engineer moved to advanced character menu and costs $500.
Engineers have Remote C4, Mines, Knife, Pistol and Repairgun.
Officers now cost $300.
Green Tiberium harvesting now pays off $1400 per dump.
Set the number of seats in a Harvester back to 1.
Harvesters no longer self repair health.
Ion and Nuclear Beacons now cost $2500.
Flamethrowers removed from free character purchases.
Flamethrowers moved to advanced character purchases for $900.
Chemwarrior price increased to $900.
All weapons but C4 types have unlimited ammo.
Shadow (SBH) costs $800.
Mammoth Tank size increased by 15%.
Raider Buggy size increased by 25%.

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