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A quick update on possible progress and a test on if there is still interest in the mod

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Quick announcement

(Sorry if anyone saw this and was excited for a new update release)

It's been a long time since I posted the last mod update, unfortunately I just haven't had the motivation to work on the mod during the long hiatus. However, this doesn't mean the mod is completely dead, I have been recently getting back into Planetside 2 and have been considering putting in a bit of work towards the mod as something to pass the time with.

Really I just want to see what kind of interest there is in the mod, I knew that MoW: Planetside was never the most popular mod or anything but I'd say that there were a decent amount of you who followed the progress I made. This isn't a case of me not continuing if it's not popular or anything like that, I'm just curious is all.

I've also been looking into putting the mod up on Steam Workshop so that might be an easier way for people to access the mod if they so choose.

Steam workshop version is up!

TLDR; I might start working on a new update for the mod but it will likely not be anywhere near as fast as I used to work.

gotimas - - 68 comments

Oh yeah i was definitely excited for a new update.
This is all just for fun after all so take your time.
Have you considered opening this mod to other modded to help you out?

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Colt0512 Author
Colt0512 - - 291 comments

I've never considered actually advertising for help on the mod but I'd always be open to people offering to contribute to the mod. I have had help in the past where I showed what needed to be done and sent some files to be worked on but just for working on props and set-pieces

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Heer_Gefreiter - - 523 comments

There is interest in this mod, i love it personaly since i cant run planetside 2 on my lapto, it is a good alternative plus i love MoW so it is a good combination!

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ledernierrempart - - 521 comments

i am only interrested into content that can be used outside the editor. so either multiplayer factions or skirmish solo/coop campaign/map.
as far as the mod has progressed i believe that it is possible to have the 3 factions playable in multiplayer as it seems like there is enough content for it to be enjoyable.

there is a possibility to make a good sir hinkels like skirmish map (for coop) with the mod.
remember how the real game is played, node capture with waves of players reinforcement.. just like sir hinkels missions.

maybe i am wrong but this mod is editor only, no wonder it is less popular than mods you can actually use for skirmish or multiplayer battles.

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Colt0512 Author
Colt0512 - - 291 comments

I haven't tried making the content of the mod multiplayer/skirmish compatible so I have no experience on what needs to be done to program it in.

It doesn't help that I don't really have any personal interest in the multiplayer or skirmish modes in MoW, I pretty much just got the game for the editor as I enjoy messing around with sandbox style games.

Quite a while ago someone did make a foundation for multiplayer in the mod but I lost the files long ago and I've yet to find who it was in all my ModDB emails. Skirmish/Multiplayer isn't completely off the table but it's probably still a long way off.

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ledernierrempart - - 521 comments

It is still possible to play a custom skirmih mission with your mod as you can create them already in the editor for vanilla mission. you just wont have the right side menu to call reinforcement and it will not be coop compatible.

as for the mutliplayer i am sure there is some files that handle faction creation for multiplayer you can edit.
at the end, multiplayer in MOWas2 is just a predefined set of units with a cost which are directly spawnable.
here some tutorial:

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Colt0512 Author
Colt0512 - - 291 comments

I'll definitely give that guide a read, looks like it could actually help make some important progress.

However, I still want to get more map building stuff done first so that some decent and varied maps can be available alongside multiplayer/skirmish modes.

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Virious - - 5 comments

I've been using this mod and making crossovers with Star Wars and Planetside 2 for since I've found out about your mod. I've just recently quit playing Planetside but this sure is still a mod I want to keep track of!

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Guest - - 699,133 comments

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