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A quick note on what time I will be working from and to, and a few other things.

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Ok, here's the thing. I have a list of 21 things to do before I consider releasing, so I plan to do at least one large thing a week, eg A character name system. So, after taking into account me not being able to code for a few days here and there, I have calculated the date to be around mid May 2013. But, depending on my school, It may be sooner (We have finals around March that are very important this year).

Here's a snippit of the change log for v1.2:

Added a working inventory
Redesigned Launcher
Added and options tab
Encoded password files to make them secure
Added more boss parts and code
Added a few hidden game tributes eg: A hidden picachu
Made another character sprite: For a girl character
Started work on a Multiplayer server
Added a way to finish the first quest

And perhaps: Made a working website to sign up to closed betas.

Thanks for reading, dvd604!

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