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Just a quick update on what is going on :) which will include info on the GDD and how it works, coding and all its wonders, what is going on at the Weekend, and also some information about the Alpha test and how that will work. Hope you have fun Reading!! :P

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I would just like to say that the Full GDD is now in Development since our Writer is back from holiday and ready to go :D finally we get to replace that small tatty GDD! The GDD will include all range of things that will explain Game Mechanics, Killstreaks, Sabotage Streaks, Killstreak Trees, Maps, Weapons, Animations, Models, Vehicles, Environment and Interactive Scenery, It will also include the Level system and so so much more! ^^

And on a sidenote to that this weekend Hard Coding Development starts which will include the way the guns work, Sniping and Sentry Guns ^^ All this and more is to come and then Afterwards we hope to start work on the third map :)

At the weekend the Writer will not be at his home computer which is not good but however will still be able to work on the GDD and help with the third map which will be a Bonus, we will also be having a big group meeting on Saturday to Discuss what we have to do and what has to be done in the near and upcoming future.

For the Alpha test we have decided to build an Auto Updater to handle the quick and simplicity of Bug Updates for the ease of all our users, and as a great and special bonus to that we have decided to run the Alpha from its beginning all the way to Beta to allow you to have fun and it will allow us to work out all the bugs and tweak the game to make it the best gaming experience for you the Player!! :D

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