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Some new stuff added, I bet it's worth of your attention.

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Hello. I have been recently working on "Koltex"(what a shitty name anyways)-a sticky grenade launched from a handheld weapon. It's now in my previous mod's style-copied some weird vBF2 stuff, renamed and used in an other way, because the "handheld weapon" has a model suspiciously resembling a teargas launcher and the koltex itself looks exactly like an M67. The name rings a bell too, doesn't it? Enough of the origins, let's start with a quick description.

So Koltex is a grenade that will stick to all surfaces when launched from a good distance. I'm working on that, because it's weird when you shoot from 1 to 5 meters away of a wall and the grenade just goes through it and sticks behind that wall. The funny thing happens when you shoot a soldier, he dies and gets thrown away like 20 meters away, unwittingly rotating his arms. That explosive device is perfect when you want to clear a humvee but don't want to destroy it. The koltex has two versions:as a grenade, fired and detonaded after two seconds and a detonator one, which uses a detonator. One issue with the first version is that it makes a strange beepy noise which can freak some MECs out. The second version plays that sound too, but way more quiet.

This is it for now. One day I will make a video of that weapon and post it here. Thanks for your attention and "see" you in next news or video.

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