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Quick update on the Development of the Project, about stuff that are happening and how it will continue.

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Call of Pripyat - Reincarnated

A modification for an Altered Vanilla-Like experience

Current version of the Project: v0.3a

This mod is aimed towards optimizing, rebalancing and altering vanilla mechanics which are either outdated, broken or incomplete in the final version of Base game, or introducing them as a new content.

This project was made for personal use, but I thought later that I should upload it somewhere for others to use it as well, because I saw no good things in me making such a big modification only for me to use it.

Current modifications

Seems like I couldn't post an update last time I tried for some reason, I wrote everything and all but it didn't post. Oh well.. Here we go again.

I had to start from beginning since last version ended up breaking the game and introduced multiple game breaking glitches and bugs. It was easier for me to make everything again than to hunt down every problem and resolve them one by one, because of my limited time and everything.

Again, The Base mod is Pripyat Reborn v1.14.8, made by Alundaio

It is used because it introduced many fixes, new stuff and optimizations to this game, and since Alundiao is not working on it anymore, I used it as a Base for this very mod, which you can call it a successor of Pripyat Reborn.

I had to change many things in the mod, because of fear of introducing game breaking glitches again, so I carefully places as fewer mods as I could before testing it a little, and continuing so on. I am very satisfied with my progress so far, so I thought I had to update you on how it is doing, since last post was more than a month ago.

Also a quick note: I am NOT Alundiao, I am not associated with him anyhow, and we do not work together, nor are in any communication whatsoever.

As I got few things out of the way, lets tell you about current addons and other mods and changes in this version of the mod.

Addons and other modifications used in this Project are listed below

☆ The Base mod for CoP:Reincarnated is Pripyat Reborn v1.14.8, made by Alundaio

- I have changed few things in the files of original Pripyat Reborn itself, but I am not satisfied with amount of stuff i did so far, so I have to polish everything and do other stuff to them.

- I am not gonna tell you everything I did now, because that is a long list.

Darkened and upscalled original cop wpn, v1.3, made by william11698

Improved Skyboxes, v1.0, made by navajothkk on NexusMods

Phobos: Artefacts Reloaded Mod, v0.5, made by In Spite Of The Death Projects

- I have done many changes in terms of the PHOBOS itself:

• I have increased weight of all artifacts, contributing factors are: Usefulness/Rarity/Price

• I have increased price of all artifacts, contributing factors are: Usefulness/Rarity

• I have adjusted properties of all artifacts, contributing factors are: Rarity/Price

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Cinematic Menu Themes, v1.0, made by Crispy_Calamity and @chernobyltv

Realistic Headlamp, v1.0, made by PrivateFox

Artifact loot CoP, v1.0, made by [Skaim]

Droppable Quest Items, v1.0, made by @IgorNitch

Nothing else is added as of now.

Summary and updates on development

That are the things in this mod as of now. Now about few things.

First of all is that I do not have enough time these days to work on this mod as of personal problems, so until I resolve everything I'll most likely stop working on this mod for a bit, hopefully a month or so. I am very sorry because of that, but I have other priorities than this.

Second thing is that you're not gonna see this version for yourself either, as I have determined it is still not considered "playable" nor finished at all. Until I do everything I want, and until I consider the mod as "playable" and "finished", I will release it for you, no matter the version.

So as I got those things out of the way, let's talk about other stuff.

The Development of this project is going fine as of now, since I did everything from beginning, I have not encountered any glitches which are gamebreaking nor anything like that, so we're off to a good start. I still haven't done most of the things I want this mod to include, to exclude nor rebalanced it enough. So I'll have to ask for your patience.

I, as always, will recommend latest version of OpenXRay Engine, x64 bit, as that is the engine this mod is built upon and tested on. Default engine will probably still work, but it will not be as optimized as OpenXRay is. Also, custom user.ltx will be made, so don't worry about that.

This update is made just so you guys can know that I am still working on it, that I did not forget about it and all, and to inform you how it is going and that I will probably not work on it for some time now, because of personal problems and stuff I have going on right now.

So, until next time, stay safe, have a nice day and week, and be happy!


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