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Just a quick update here! This will be the small version. I have been mainly focusing on re-designing the menu, fixing lots of scripts as well as implementing some new menu's and features. I'm also about to make a trailer for Malfunction, showing what the game has to offer, so expect that to come soon. I am working on the fourth chapter as well so please be patient and expect that to come soon as well!

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Quick Update:

Hello! I have made some progress on the fourth chapter, but have mainly been focusing on completley redoing the Menu's and adding some more features for it, fixing tons of scripts, and that's pretty much all.

I am also currently working on a trailer for Malfunction, to show what the game has to offer, so expect to see that soon. I am obviously working on the fourth chapter as well, and it's going great! I apologize though if I can't finish the chapter as soon as I think I will though, because school is just around the corner, but I will try my very best to work on this game as well as school.

So anyways, other than that, the game is greatly improving and is turning out to be excellent! I just thought I could give a little update to let you know how the development is going. Either way, expect that fourth chapter to come quite soon!

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