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Hello ModDB, It's that time again. Today we are focused on only a few things. April was a very slow month for everyone at SRI. After my two week hiatus, I started working on the storyline again...[Cont]

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Hello ModDB, It's that time again. Today we are focused on only a few things. April was a very slow month for everyone at SRI. After my two week hiatus, I started working on the storyline again, and was able to finish it. However, TPOF was at a standstill. The build number only went up by about 3 or 4 internal builds. (our internal “builds” are denominated by how much is changed, and the number will go up on account of how much was changed). However, I was able to remove a lot of experimental coding, so that help us out a lot.


With that being said, I would like to introduce to you, the Slipstream official backing story. It has taken about a month to compile everything relative for the core of the slipstream universe (which actually gets bigger day by day, as myself and the team are hard at work expanding the universe). However, I have compacted down all the data into a nice, readable, PDF document. Have fun reading it, I know I had fun writing it. If you have any more questions, just shoot me a PM. Knowing most of you, you probably will have this downloaded, read, and PM'd me before I roll out of bed tomorrow. Don't worry, I'll have all your questions answered.

TPOF v2.4b

A quick update on TPOF, V2.4b will be released here soon, it will be deprived of experimental code, and have a couple stability updated (by soon, I'm thinking a week, maybe two. You can track the development by way of our website which I will get to in the next section). I hope to have stability and everything fixed by the time this thing reaches 2.7, and 2.8 is when we will start the campaign I have planned. Our new development team will help with that.

A New Website

Sub-real industries has a brand new, awesome site we put together behind everyones back in about 3 days. Its on a stable server, with custom software (PHP-Fusion), and we have silently transferred all of our content from Invision Plus to this new site hosted by Zymic. You can track our development via the bar at the top of every page, that shows the current build, build date, and the next release version and date (right now 2.4b is flagged with ?). I personally hope you can join and get the community going, I can also assist you with technical support there as well, as I have a much more organized system. Due to the server missing the SendMail PHP function, Email activation is impossible,
while I would rather wish to manually activate accounts, we have a better anti-bot system, and a bigger banhammer. So, slapping bots and spammers will have fun to it. That and I encourage more open-ness to come to the SRI community, So feel free to join, post, have fun.

Help Wanted

We're still seeking people to fill positions. Currently, we would like a Code debugger, and another programmer, and some beta testers. If you wish to apply, please send me a PM here on ModDB.

In Closing

This post was not meant to be a massive update, the massive update will come when we release TPOF2.4b, and we announce our new development team. Until then, Enjoy the backstory, and have fun on the site!

Download The Storyline


File still awaiting authorisation... :-(

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Damn :(, but yeah, awesome :)

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Read through the story, very well written, it's scary what happens to Earth though...

And I think Australia getting beat into submission should take longer, as we would have the outback and the blue mountains to launch resistance attacks from...

It'd take at least 3 or 4 years of constant effort I reckon... We didn't only lose a handful (literally less than 5) soldiers in Iraq for no reason...

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SpaceCowboy730 Author

I'll have to work in on that. However, the AE probably took the country's government, and then suppressed resistance as life went on.

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