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An introduction post to the website, as well as a quick bit of information on where were are and what the plans are.

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So, I've decided to bring Faith & Prayer Version to indiedb, to spread the game around a bit more. I'm going to attempt to keep this page just as updated as all the other places it's active at. As a quick reference, the other websites where Faith & Prayer Version will see updates and information:

With the links to official pages out of the way, let's get into whats going on. Demo 4 is complete and was released around Thanksgiving. Demo 5 is finished, and will be going live in less than a week. As I've stated before, Demo 5 will not be adding much to advance the story, but instead fixes several bugs, fixes the Black Void on maps, and improves upon already existing things. A complete bug list of things can be observed here:

I will upload Demo 5 here when it is released, until then Demo 4 will not be going up here, not even for archival purposes. Stay tuned, I'll be dropping screenshots here for Demo 6 when development for it truly begins!

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