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While working on the bigger update we decided to make some changes and fix some issues of the current build.

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Helicopter rotorblades

Rotorblades now can use throttle up, throttle down and/or an axis:
This means that you'll be able to raise and lower the static RPM of the rotorblade and then increase/decrease this RPM with the axis.

You can adjust stabilizing_effect property to have more/less stabilizing force form a helicopter rotorblade

  • a value of 1 will make the rotorblade behave as normally expected
  • a value of 0 will make the rotor behave like a plane propeller

Steer_speed property

This new property allows you to determine how fast the wheel will turn:

  • a value of 1 = maximum turning speed
  • a value of 0 = minimal turning speed


Wings now can handle 2 inputs at the same time which means that you can now hookup AxisA AND AxisB and blend them together. This will certainly come in handy when you attempt to build flying winged planes (tailless fixed wing aircraft[])

Other fixes

  • Added full-screen support for monitors
  • Changed jet engine weight (both small and big) so that it's more accurate
  • Curve/sphere plates convex collider: fixed collision with terrain
  • Corrected the misaligned flap of the tapered vertical stunt plane wing
  • Fixed hovercraft propeller invert input property
  • Fixed autorefresh for the server list
  • Fixed load game problems
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