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Here's the monthly update. And some programming outtakes.

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Hi there, during the last month we've had a few departure of team members, notably, Chaotic Tide one of our concept artist, anunnaki1975 our character modeler. Chaotic Tide is gone on a 2 years trip, and Anunnaki1975 got a new job which required his all of his attention. This doesn't slow us down in any ways, since we had no characters being modeled this far, because we're still working on the model sheets. And we were able to find another concept artist, Schattendorn.

I made big progress on the arwing, I'm now polishing everything, so it all works together nicely. It now is able to follow a path, but I'll need to integrate properly player controls so they don't wrestle with the path system.

Here's a video example of the things that went bad, just for laughs (featuring part of SFO's first podcast, woops) (skip to 0:50 if you're impatient) :
However, don't go thinking it will be that buggy in the end. Its already fixed, but its still not up to my quality standard to make it on the mode profile :)

I also wrote a short blog/rant on my experience with turning ASW back into a 1st/3rd person shooter :
It features a video of how messed up it looks at this point :)
Don't worry, I'll get it working eventually ;)
The reason why I posted it here is because, I'll actually use that fixed asw player code for the mod, once it works of course !

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