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One of CardLife's biggest updates to date is now live - new monsters, armor, VFX and more!

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Greetings Founders!

Today we have launched a massive new update for CardLife which adds new creatures, new armor, new quest system, long requested fan features like keyboard remapping and lots more. Check out the full release notes now!

NEW Scout Armor

This medium armor set will offer your character more stamina when equipped which will allow you to run for longer periods of time before you exhaust your reserves.

Scout 1

NEW Quest Journal

We've added the first iteration of our quest system in this update. Our quests are the moment include around 20 different activities that are designed to onboard the user e.g. chop down a tree, craft a sword, lay the foundations on a house etc. Future iterations will feature more advanced quests such as tasking players to visit landmarks in the world, kill specific NPCs and other more nuanced activities.


NEW Trees

We have added 3 more trees into the game world; Palm, Redwood and Cherry Blossom trees. Redwoods drop redwood, blossom trees drop cherry wood, and Palm trees drop Coco-wood. The role of these different woods is that they will color the type of item you end up crafting from the wood, so for example if you want your wooden sword to have a dark red motif so you'll want to use Redwood, likewise if you want a lighter tint, you'll use coco-wood. Each tree has also been balanced so that certain tree types will take less effort to cut down than others, the hardest being the Redwood. Harder tree types to cut down will drop more resources than the easier-to-cut-down varieties. The crafting menu will automatically use the first wood type in your inventory, so if you wish to use a different wood type make sure it is located first in your inventory. We are working on a more elegant solution to wood choice which we'll launch soon.

CL Trees1

NEW Creature - Giant Tortoise

These two new armored critters round off a growing number of creatures roaming the open world. The Giant Tortoise is an Age 1 creature which is tough to kill but it grants the new Giant Tortoiseshell crafting material. You can find these not so small guys near the coastline in-game.

NEW Creature - Triceratops

This is the second dinosaur you'll meet playing CardLife, and like the Raptors, these guys are also not to be messed with unless you are properly armored up. The Triceratops drops a new crafting material known as the Triceratoplate which can be used in enchanting.

Terrific triceratops PNG


- Keyboard Control Mapping

One of the most common feedback requests we receive from players is that they want to amend their controls and key bindings in-game. We have now added this feature and you can access this functionality via the main menu.

- Inventory Rework

Previously when crafting anything in CardLife you'd need to drag and drop the required resources from your inventory into the crafting slot. You no longer have to do this. Instead the inventory dynamically shows you what you can create with any resources sat in your inventory. Additionally, we have also changed the equip shortcut from Right Click to Shift+Right Click. The reason why we've done this is that we're currently developing a new tooltip system so that you'll be able to see the stats of an item before you equip it.

- New Water Visuals

We've added additional water effects to the game world to make the wet stuff appear a bit more natural and welcoming. This doesn't impact gameplay but does make the game world more varied.



  • Fixed an issue that caused the servers to take hours to restart
  • Fixed an issue that allowed creatures to attack through buildings
  • Fixed an issue with Sun and Moon not appearing correctly in the day/night cycle
  • Reduced the frequency of falling through the world bug. We are currently working on eliminating this bug entirely.
  • Fixed an issue where items you try to collect from drops get magnetised to you but cannot be picked up.
  • Fixed an issue for when the user closes a window with the escape key, the chat window will become focused.


As part of this massive update we've also had to wipe all servers in CardLife. This means that the game world has been reverted to its default state with no player buildings or terraforming. This is in order to accommodate all of the new creatures and trees we've added to the game. Additionally, all character progress has also been reverted. We are sorry for this lost progress, but unfortunately, it is a necessity for us a development team as we continue to optimise the game's performance.


With the launch of today's Questworld update, we have also increased the cost of the CardLife Founder’s Pack to $11.99 / £9.99 / €9.99. The previous price of £5 / $6 / €6 was set when we first made the game available in 2017, and since that time we added a substantial amount of new content to the game. This price rise also paves the way for us to add the game to Steam Early Access, which we're currently targeting for October.

We've also started a new feedback thread on the official forums so you can tell us all about your thoughts for the update, so don't hesitate to tell us about your experiences.

Thanks all,

Andy - Comms Manager

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