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Ask your current questions about the upcoming mini series, or suggest something that could improve our efficieny, the way we film or cool tools and utilities, you name it. Ask the developers.

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Ask your questions here, I can already answer some of them.

Q: When will the first Episode be released?
A: As soon as we get hold of more sound, we are currently working on dialog and story.

Q: How do you record?
A: I use FRAPS to record battlecam, and Camtasia Studio 8 to edit.

Q: Do you work from a script?
A: Sort of, since I can't control the AI's movements I can't control what Delta Squad will encounter or what will happen, what I can do is take the things I record then cut and edit them to my liking and to fit the story. But I do work from a List of episodes.

Q: Can I help you?
A: Ofcourse you can, currently it's only me and Delta289, And Delta just contributes with ideas, publicity and material. I do the recording and editing, And I currently need lots of more people to my Dev Team.
If you are interested just contact me, I'm dependent on your attention so just sending a PM to chat about ideas and concepts really helps me.

Q: How many episodes total will there be?
A: That depends, but currently I have about 15 episodes to work with. Some of them not even canon, that is there location and story.

Q: This Project seems like just something anyone can film, what makes yours so special? Huh?! Huh?!
A: Calm down, We don't make regular LP's and gameplay footage we are taping a Mini Series here!

Hope that Answers some of your questions, I'm eager to answer anything you got :)

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