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Just answering some questions for the mod and server.

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How do we know this is not some trolly mod: Well I can prove that by showing you we have our own steam group and take pride in the fact that we want to work on this mod as hard as we can check it out:

How many total items are added in: Around 40-50ish we don't know the major amount of items but

Did you get perm to have these OSPs and Gekujo Buildings: Of course we did if you have any concerns of this you may add the main guy who loaded them in he has gotten full perms from them you can also add me as well to get secondary proof

What is the RP based off of:The RP is based off of the rp we have been doing in the group witch takes place in the land called Chinika it is based off of Vietnam,china and japan having a hierarchy in witch the rpers must follow.

What Region of the world is the server going to be in:The Region is NA and it is located in the grand state of Texas *Joke we are being over run by illegals*

What type of mod is this and what is it for: This mod is for our private white listed server if we gain a bigger population the slots will increase and the password may soon go off to take in the bigger influx of players.

What if this mod dies or its community: We are sure it wont as the mod is already done and we are simply waiting on the map to be done and the scripts to be installed/paid for. Besides that we have a pretty active community from the last rp we did that can be the main backbone of this.

How will you keep the trolls out: By simply keeping it white listed and hoping to god they wont DDOS us out of anger :/.

How can i join: Just simply add me and tell my why you want to join and your rp experience and i will probably let you in

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