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This article should answer some of your questions regarding the mod.

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I'm going to answer some questions you may have.

Why did you change the rifle skins?

Despite liking the cream colored Kar98k, the pine colored
Nagant, and Lee-Enfield, I believe they are unrealistic. I know this game is
far from realistic but there should be some element in the game that makes it

Why are you revising this mod?

I'm not satisfied with the results of version 1.0. People
shouldn't have to execute a cfg file every time they restart there server to
get this to work. Plus I wanted to add the Ariska and the new Springfield 1903A1 model into the mod.

Rifles Only, why?

Because some people enjoy this get more when it's more
tactical. Every shot and bash counts. There are plenty of rifles only servers
out there, so there is a demand for this type of mod.

Why did you remove the weapon sounds?

I wanted to reduce the file size.

What exactly have you done as your own work/derivative work?

1) Compiling the mod

2) Testing the mod

3) Adjusting the script menus

4) Changing the weapon pictures

5) Added a background

6) Edited the file to add mods menu and mod information

7) Made all the weapons have static crosshairs

8) Changed weapon files around

9) Changed grenade damage to zero

10) Recolored the Ariska wood

11) Removed @'di's Springfield model

12) Recolored the sleeves on the Germans to match the SS uniforms

What will you work on after you are done with the Multiplayer and Single Player version of PlusIce's Bolt Rifles Only v2.x?

I'm not sure as of yet. Though, I'd to revise PlusIce's Rifles Only UO.

Why have you waited so long to make a single player mod?

Well I tried to make a revolt single player mod for cod1 but things just didn't turn out as planned. Weapons had no ammo sometimes, so I cancelled that mod. Most of the rifles in this mod are stock so I know they will work in sp, not sure about Ariska though. I have completed most of my sp
campaign in CoD2 so I can test the mod.

Are you going to rent a CoD2 MP 1.3 server to test out your
bolt rifles only mod?

I'm thinking about doing that, but haven't decided yet.

Why haven't you taken any pictures of the mod in AA/AF?

Because the PC I'm using to do the mod is an older PC that just barely plays CoD2 in Trilinear DX9. The newer PC I have can't play CoD2 in AA/AF because it's Windows Vista. Most of my mod tools are on the old PC so instead of switching back and forth I'll just use the old PC.

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