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A new demo for Quark Storm with an extra level and no more placeholder content is ready! Find the link to the browser demo and the changelog inside.

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I've got great news! Yesterday I took the final test to get my Game Designer and Programmer degree at the Argentine school I was attending, and after along time and countless update, they deemed the game good enough and I passed!

Many thanks to everyone who helped Quark Storm's development, whether it was through playtesting, comments, feedback or following its development through Desura, my web site and/or Twitter account (@Julian_Imp). Without your support, the game wouldn't have been the same.

Without further ado, here's the seventh iteration of Quark Storm's alpha demo!


  • Added level 2-2
  • Replaced the goo's placeholder texture with a better one (courtesy of Tomas Glasman)
  • Added some flair to the goo cubes using some particles

There might not be too many changes, but I hope you'll enjoy the new level and the better textures (no more placeholders in-game!). I've also uploaded some new screenshots to the image gallery for this occasion, showcasing the new level and goo textures.Platform-specific builds will be deployed next week, so you'll be able to play it on Windows, OSX and Linux using the standalone player. Android builds might take a little longer to make sure everything works fine, but they'll be coming soon as well, so look forward to them.

A small announcement:

I'll be taking a one or two-month rest from the project, because after working on Quark Storm alone for so long, I need some time to distance myself from the game so I can come back to it with some fresh ideas, rather than making gameplay grow stale due to getting too complacent with level design.

I hope everyone undestands and continues to follow Quark Storm's development. I will definitely be coming back to it after my vacations (beach sand is bad for old laptops, I've heard!) and once I've worked a bit on a short side project.Again, thanks everyone for their support and please look forward to even more levels and content as Quark Storm approaches the beta stage!

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