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Quake Wars: Tactical Assault v0.3.4 has been released!

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QWTA v0.3.4 has been released.

The WIP changelog posted earlier this month has a few additions on top of it, but I have to admit this particular release of QWTA is a bit lackluster. QWTA's essentially in a period of slowed development--largely due to time constraints not allowing much free time to work on QWTA right now--and rather than sit on a couple new features and a host of fixes while polishing the release to perfection, I thought it best to release what's been done so far, so at least some of the feedback that's been given, and bugs that have been fixed have been addressed.

Highlights of this release, for those not wanting to read the changelog:

  • The Hammer lives up to the notion that it's a nuclear weapon now.
  • The Jupiter's BFG10k has been changed back to automatic charging, with some tweaks.
  • There are team-specific bind contexts for "gdf" and "strogg", that don't override class contexts.
  • Some of QWTA's bloodier visual effects can be disabled via g_blood 0.
  • The campaign loading screen can now display up to 12 maps.
  • Jumping into water when you're on fire will now put out the flames.
  • Exploits bypassing the reload time on the Sniper Rifle and Railgun have been fixed.
  • The QWTA Limbo menu has been fixed and readded.

More info on the QWTA website.

QWTA v0.3.3 and its hotfixes should be removed from your system before installing QWTA v0.3.4.

Windows, Linux, and Mac are all supported by the initial release package this time around.

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