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QWTA is now compatible with ETQW v1.5 and contains an assortment of new features!

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QWTA v0.3 has been released.
This release is fully compatible with ETQW v1.5, and supports both Windows and Linux.
QWTA's previous development got scrapped entirely and restarted, so v0.3 is something entirely new.
A very brief feature list:

* Optional realistic movement.
* Optional realistic damages.
* Optional realistic weapon aiming..
* Other realism-oriented features...
* Radar no longer detects infantry.
* Adaptive class-number limiting.
* Blood effects!
* Death/unconscious screen tinting and fading.
* Mxyzptlk's megatexture autodownload.
* Improved spectator controls.
* Dark Matter Cannon mimics Quake 4-singleplayer Dark Matter Gun.
* Hammer missile behaves more like a tactical nuke.
* Hyperblaster mimics Quake 4-singleplayer Nailgun.
* Any vehicle may be airdropped.
* Persistent ranks can be ignored in favour of campaign ranks.
* Bot support for new features.
* New vehicle: Jupiter Assault Tank.
* BFG10k. (Jupiter tank's main cannon.)
* BaseETQW bugfixes.

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