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Yes, as I type, the latest installment in Quake 4 Reborn is undergoing authorization. The ETA is about 5 hours from now. This mod is going to be a fairly interesting one... and I bet it won't be what you expected! Read on...

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The description for the download:

Here it is, the long awaited (and unlikely) sequel to Quake 4 Reborn. More of a hybrid of the two previous mods than anything, this mod combines totally new gameplay features with the classical Quake 4 look. This creates a stable, simple, and most importantly, fun mod. I hope you guys like it. Have fun, Adam

The Key Features:

Features in this mod are: Various weapon tweaks (the full list can be found below) some clip-sizes reduced while some fire-rates are increased, nothing huge though. Bodies and shell casings stay around forever (this is the thing that may cause lag on low end PC's), also your fellow Marines drop their weapons upon death. The shotgun now has a flashlight.

-The Blaster now fires a slow-moving ball of plasma instead of a bullet-thing.

-The Machinegun has a reduced clip (30, 50 with weapon mod), deals more damage and fires faster.

-The Shotgun can now gib enemies, does slightly more damage and has a slightly smaller clip (5, 8 with weapon mod).

-The Hyperblaster shoots much faster, and has a bigger clip size (80, 100 with weapon mod).

-The Grenade Launcher now does FAR more damage, shoots slightly farther and faster and has a smaller clip size (5).

-The Nailgun has a seriously reduced fire rate, does more damage and the nails move much faster. The clip size has also been reduced (25, 50 with weapon mod).

-The Rocket Launcher fires much faster and does tons of damage... if you score a direct hit.

-The Railgun is now a one-shot-one kill affair. Every slug must be manually reloaded and ejected. However, it is almost an insta-gib weapon, only bosses can survive more than one slug.

-The Lightning-gun now does far more damage and is generally more useful that the piece of crap it was before.

-The Dark Matter Gun is a very lethal weapon. My advice to you is: make sure you stand VERY far clear of the explosion.

In Other News:
I now have a website set up of for all my Reborn video-game mods. You can check it out here.


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