This is just a Q&A we did earlier on in development.

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What is the game about?
Alone is a psychological horror game set in Oregon in the late 1970s. You step in the shoes of Travis Kane, a private detective with a dark and shady past. Travis is hired to solve the strange disappearances happening withing the sleepy town of Meadow Brook Falls. However, as Travis digs deeper and deeper into the case, he finds out the horrifying and evil secrets that lies within the town, dragging Travis to a point where there is no return.

Will the game be free?
Yes and no. There will be a free demo version of the game, but the full version will be commercial.

When will the game be released?
The initial release date for the commercial version is set to be mid 2015. However, the free version is scheduled for a late 2014 release. Keep in mind both releases are subject to change if we feel the game isn't ready. We have yet to decide a price for the game.

What are the minimum requirements to play it?
(May be subject to change)
Intel CPU: Core 2 Duo E4400 2.0GHz
AMD CPU: Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4000+
Nvidia GPU: GeForce 8800 GTS
AMD CPU: Radeon HD 3850
Ram: 2 GB
OS: Windows XP 32
HDD Space: 4 GB minimum.

Will there be multiplayer?
At the moment we are focusing on creating the best singleplayer we can, therefore we cannot confirm a multiplayer.

Will this game be available on Mac or Linux systems?
This all depends on the demand for Alone to be released on the said platforms, therefore we cannot confirm that it will be available for the following systems.

How large is the map?
The map will be expanded even after release, therefore you'll never fully explore the woods surrounding Meadow Brook Falls.

What sets this game apart from the other horrors already out there?
Alone is planned to have an ever expanding map, you never know what you'll find after an update. Its not your generic horror filled with nonstop jumpscares, its much much more than that. We have looked into what people found scary in horrors and pooled it all together. The map design will be ambient, and not a hastily made design. The hiding mechanics are planned to blow away the current barriers. We want to add replayability to this game so you'll never give up on it. Therefore, we hope you'll all see Alone as its own unique piece of art, one that you will admire for years to come.

Where can I follow the Alone development progress?
You can follow it here, at the said links:
E5 Games Website
Facebook Page:
Steam concept Page:
Youtube Channel:
(Note some answers may be subject to change as time stretches on, but likely updated Q&A's will be made)

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