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New version of quake2xp engine.

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Download HERE

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AMD Radeon cards work with new november adrenalin drivers (win10 only) now.

Use a clean installation. Unzip archive into folder with original game without previous versions of q2xp or other mods. Owners of Creative audio cards can remove openAl32.dll from the game folder. The renderer requires full support for OpenGL 4.5 with GL_ARB_bindless_texture and GL_ARB_texture_storage support.

Whats New? (1.26.9 full changes list)

  • New extended save system
  • Save shots in save-load game menu
  • High DPI scale fix
  • HRTF audio mode (openal soft)
  • Openal resampler control (openal soft)
  • Separate fx and music levels
  • Fix music looping
  • Fix mission paks music
  • Sound outputs for all available system audio devices
  • Better hardware info in console
  • Russian language support for console and menu messages with utf8 to win1251 conversion
  • xBox controller: individual sens and dedzone for left and right sticks
  • sRGB color frame buffer for better game gamma-contrast
  • Player weapon reflections (md3 only)
  • Speedup md3 shadows
  • Global fog and in-game fog editor
  • 3D luts for color grading
  • Color temperature control
  • Sub surface scatering lighting for md3 meshes
  • Rework ejection of cartridges (new models)
  • Update and cleanup FXAA code
  • Cubemap skyboxes
  • Bindless textures (AZDO rendering tech)
  • Better md3 lighting, fixed md3 degenerate triangles lighting (crappy tbn)
  • New screen flash effect
  • New memory manager (thx to Berserker)
  • Rescaled menus, fonts etc for 4k resolution
  • Blurred glass surfaces
  • Diffraction surfaces for alias models
  • Softeness parallax shadows
  • More engine fixes etc....

Ай, спасибо !

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KirkBarnes Приветствую. Мы как-то тут пересекались, на тему геймпада в QII XP, если помнишь. В стим не заходишь?

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KirkBarnes Author

Привет. Конечно помню, ты с джоем хорошо помог. Стим? Да выхожу. Но не на этой неделе

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Any chance of having an older version of quake2xp available for those of us unfortunate enough to have AMD Radeon cards?

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KirkBarnes Author

it all depends on the availability of an amd card with me.

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Thanks for getting back to me. Much appreciated. Hopefully, you'll happen on one soon.


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I was thinking about that. I don't know if it is a sin or not to seed an old version elsewhere or not.(Version 1.25f, very natural HD set. Very, professional, very slick.) I have a fairly modern rig (3.5ghz 6 core, 2X AMD cards, 16GB DDR4 ram etc. Not that the slackers even make drivers that use both cards memory to date, I THINK.) But I can't get the "covid" version working yet, and don't know why. It has the hang on load issue. I updated my video card drivers, and am scratching my head.

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KirkBarnes Author

Funny - RX and R9 cards are working on november drivers. The error persisted on the 5700 series...

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It's not working for me. I installed my steam version of Q2, downloaded your mod and unpacked it into the Quake 2 folder. After that, I hit the quake2xp.exe file, windows loads for around five seconds and then nothing happens, not even an error message. My PC is as follows:

GTX 980Ti - 441.87 drivers.
Xeon X5675 - Stock clocks.
12GB DDR3 ram.
Asus Rampage III Extreme.
XFi Titanium HD - With XFRL_PCDRV_L11_3_00_2022 drivers.
2TB WD Blue HDD + 500GB WD HDD.

EDIT: downloaded latest hotfix from the Discord server and now it works.

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