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Basicly an edited version of a past post, with some answers to a few questions about the MOD.

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Here's a Quick Q & A regarding the MOD:

Will there be any easter eggs in the mod?: Yes. Plenty. Some obvious, some you may have to do some hunting and/or cheating to find.

When do you plan to release the mod?: Well, If I continue to work on the mod pretty much by myself like I have been, then sometime before the end of the year.

Will Gordon Freeman Appear anywhere in the mod?:
I haven't thought this through completely, but if he does appear, it will be very brief, and you probably won't see his face.

How many people have helped with/contributed to the mod?:
2 People have lent their music to me to use for the mod, and I've been working on the rest, so 3 if you can't count.

How long do you intend the mod to be?: Well, during the first few play tests, i's lasted roughly 9 hours, plus about a 3 hour co-op, and about an hour of misc. maps that I'll include.

How will the mod be distributed?: Probably by the same means as most of the other mods on MODDB.

Will there be a beta/Alpha release?: Doubt it.

Will you release patches for the mod?:
I hope not. I hope I never have to patch any bugs or anything. I'll be more likeley to release Muiltiplayer maps if i feel like it though.

If you're not good at this, and you say the mod will probably less than average, why are you taking it so seriously, and why are you releasing it on the internet?: Because the mod is realy intended for me. It's so I can actually learn to do everything as I go. That way by the time I'm happy with the mod and my work, I'll actually be a mediocre mapper. Although I don't think it's up to me to decide whether I'm average, below average, etc. I feel by the time the mods released, I'll be good at mapping and skinner, and be alot better than when I started the mod. So all in all, It's just so I can practice, get criticism and tips, and reveiw how I've improved.

Will there be voice acting in the mod?: Yeah, but VERY little.

How often will you release new pictures or videos, and what will they normally be?: Not often. I'm trying to keep Screenshots and gameplay videos to the minimal, but when I do, it'll be placeholder textures instead of the actual ones I'll be using on the map.

How often do you work on the mod?: I started the mod about 2-3 months ago, and since then, my total time in the Source SDK since then has jumped up about 230 hours, and I've spent more time working on textures then maps/faceposing. That should give you a clue.

Have you thought of the final title for the MOD yet? The main post says the displayed one isn't final, but do you at least have one in mind?: It says not final, but I'm sure GG-3883 will be the final title. that's what my email adress is (E-Mails concerning the mod go to

What will I need in order to play the mod?:
The only thing (right now at least) you need to play is a legit copy of Half-Life 2.

Why and how do you think you will be able to have the MOD feel like HL1?
: I've played through Half-Life so many times (at least 10 times) that I know the feeling and style. Another way I'll (hopefully) be able to keep the feel and style, is by having each area in the mod inspired by an area of the original Half-Life. The "Radiation Spill" media, for example, is inspired by the "Blast Pit" area in HL1.

After your finished with this mod, whether it's a success or not, will you work on another mod?:
Yes. The main reason for this mod as I said before is so I can learn what I need to learn in order to make a very good mod. My plans ATM are also to work on a Portal MOD, fusing gameplay styles of Portal, Half-Life, and maybe even Mirrors Edge, and at the same time as this MOD, I'm working on a small puzzler, which may be released first as I started working on that before this MOD, but never got around to finishing up the last few bits.

Will the gravity and or portal gun appear?:
No. The coding for the Gravity gun has already been removed, I never had the coding for the ASHPD, and neither of those had a presence at Black mesa.

Will enemies such as the Marines, houndeyes, Black-Ops, bullsquid, etc. appear in the mod?:
Yeah. I already have the Bullsquid and Houndeye code, I'm using a slightly edited Combine code from HL for the marines, similar code for Black-Ops, I have a contribuor who lent me their garg code, and I'm working on some more coding.

Can I help with the MOD?: Sure, just send me a private message with what you want to do, or an E-mail:, although MODDB PMs are likely to be responded to faster.
Voice actors, mappers and coders are not currently required. A music composer that can do "eerie" style of music are what I'm looking for most though.

Plan on releasing a sequel?:
Depends heavily on whether I feel I could make a sequel fit.

Can you release the MOD's script?: Sure, here;

"Once a man got trapped in Black Mesa. He kicked some ass and...."

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