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The game is getting close to its final form, and I wanted to provide an idea of where the progress is and what's still left to do.

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Hello! So PWN is starting to feel like a real 'game' now. The core mechanics are all finished, and am giving everything a near-final round of polish. The AI is going to need a few updates, but it's already pretty difficult to beat, especially on the complex 3D maps.

I decided to remove the 'tutorial' proper, and instead build in a Campaign mode. Each character will have their own campaign that you can complete. You start with nothing but that character's special ability, and have to unlock the reset by defeating the other hacker opponents. Once you defeat them, you earn their power - like the system in Mega Man. I think this gives players the opportunity to see first-hand what the power does, and then once they earn it they get to deploy it in future matches. Also in campaign mode will be optional paths that will lead to 'map challenges'. If you can beat a map challenge, you unlock that map for use in Quick Play or Tournament mode.

I'm hoping that this campaign mode gives players a reason to get to know each character and use their special ability in different contexts, against different opponents.

I'm also planning on working in a dynamic difficulty system for the Campaign. I need to take into account that some players may learn the core concepts and strategies much slower or faster than others. So I'm thinking of adding a feature that determines how well you performed in a campaign map, and then slightly adjust the difficulty upwards or downwards. So within a few maps, you should be playing at the ideal challenge level.

I'd like to provide the player with some reward for playing quick matches and tournaments, and to pick a challenging level of difficulty. So I'm thinking of giving the player some currency that they earn, with more reward being earned for better tournament finishes and higher difficulty levels. This currency can unlock higher difficulty levels, the ability to selectively enable/disable powers, and maybe purchase other individual maps. Open to any other ideas that would be interesting and rewarding.

I'm also looking for more playtesters with iOS devices, so if you're interested, email me at Cheers!

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