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Happy Holidays! In this news post you will find: Our first PvM News. Our first PvM Archive. A question for our mod's followers. Some minor updates.

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Hello moddb, it’s foreverrussia1, with what is I think our first update from PvM.
First off, thanks for all the support, the thing we value most with this mod is the reception from the community, so your comments are much valued.
Secondly, have a very merry Christmas :) Or whatever you may or may not celebrate.
Quick post for you, today, it basically revolves around that,
In order to make the best content for our mod, we will take suggestions and ideas from you, the community. Though a lot of information cannot be disclosed for the sake of saving it for the release, some will, and everyone who has an opinion will have the ability to make a suggestion regarding this.

For now, I have a simple question;
What maps do you want to see in skirmish?

PvM has made a huge number of single player galactic conquest maps (I believe over 30, for now), but as we all know, skirmish and multiplayer cannot be ignored. Of course we could just run conversions of our single player maps, but that would be a cheap shot.
So, if you have any ideas or suggestions leave a comment below and who knows?

Other than that on to updates!

Recently there’s been a good deal of confusion about Luke Skywalker’s role in our mod, and our mod’s story in general. I’m here to clarify,
He will be an Imperial hero.
Why? You might ask.
Because he joined the dark side.

Now I will reveal something new on PvM, but something we’ve been planning for a good while.

PvM Archives

A look at PvM gameplay from a historical/analytical perspective. So without any further ado;

PvM Historical Archive
Record #1
The Battle of Endor
In ABY 4, as the Battle of Endor raged, the decisive blow could not be struck at the shield bunker on the sanctuary moon, or the main reactor of the Death Star, it could only be laid at the very heart of the Empire and the Rebellion, Luke and Palpatine, in an epic force battle within the Emperor’s chambers. Luke attacked the Emperor in anger, and gave in to his temptations. Vader joined in the fight. And so the tide of the galaxy changed. After a lengthy duel Luke was struck down and corrupted, and Vader too, lay wounded on the floor. The actual battle was fundamentally over, it was only a matter of time now, before it became evident.
With the Emperor’s battle meditation in full swing, Imperial fighter pilots, enchanted by the power of the dark side, attacked the Millennium Falcon, and dealt a mortal blow to it’s engines. Below on the moon, Rebel Forces, lead by Han and Leia, heroically fought to the last defending the deactivated shield bunker, but in time, one by one, the rebel commandos were defeated, and the local Ewoks were slaughtered. With no hope for victory but no chance for escape, the Rebel Fleet, pinned down and surrounded, steadily fell apart. Mon Mothma watched the disaster, over half of the Alliance’s galactic armada was annihilated. The Rebels stared in the face of catastrophe. Yet there was much more to it all than freedom’s plight, as Mon Mothma could see clearly as well. The Empire was unraveling. The actual Rebel battle plan had relied on this, and for this victory, the Empire paid a heavy toll in it’s galactic influence. I will elaborate on this in the next PvM archive ‘Imperial Civil War.’
But for now, Coruscant is tied up. The rebels are gone. What is there to do now? A paranoid silence washes over Imperial Center. Something has happened, a massive portion the Imperial fleet isn’t reporting. On Endor, 40% of the battle fleet has been destroyed, constituting only a tiny force of the entire galactic fleet, but for some reason, it would later be known as a result of sabotage, Imperial recievers across the galaxy weren’t picking up.
The Emperor ordered Luke and Vader to be revived. During the relatively short period, Palpatine put them through the most awful pain, and broke them. With the vilest mastery of the dark side, he massacred every thought they had. Every moment of their existence became agony, it was here that they became his pawns.
However strange, things did not look to well for the Empire, or it’s leader, Palpatine would need to ask for an invariable amount of strength from his army, in order to hold on to what he had.
The Dark Apprentices were pressed into service as bitter rivals, both struggling in vain for control of vast Imperial units and resources, to one day oust the Emperor, and kill each other. The Emperor, was their puppet master, he directed their every thought, and neither could come to accept or understand it. Their quest for power, made the Empire stronger, more stable, vulnerable to invasion, but in fighting it’s extensive interior enemies, this made it stronger, and that was where the Emperor needed strength.
For Vader this is a time of disillusioned melancholy, as he finally came to realize what he and his quest for power have turned his own son into. He would grieve, but he would always resume plotting, and working exactly the way the Emperor needed him to. With an invisible tear Vader realizes his son as his true arch enemy. Moving, on, he crushes many rebellions that had formed as a result of the instability, and despite depression, grows great. Coruscant sector, is totally loyal to Vader, as many sectors in the Empire, and many units in the Imperial military. Vader believes in his dream of a just galaxy, and secretly planning the Emperor’s endgame, he instills a sense of loyalty to himself in Imperial troops and citizens. He runs a massive, secret campaign against corruption and disloyalty. Coruscanti nobles fear him, Coruscanti civilians accept him, as one accepts law. Vader himself is enveloped in depression and loathing. He succumbs to regret. Regret, for what he did earlier, for his failure to win the heart of his son. Regret, for now, seeing no way out but to eventual murder, of Luke Skywalker.
For Luke, it is a time of realization to his true potential, unlike Vader, Luke is truly ruthless, the deaths of storm troopers and officers alike are of total irrelevance to him, he roams the tombs of the dark side, scattered throughout the galaxy, growing stronger for every travel. Luke, unlike Vader, needs no clarification of the fact that he is being manipulated by Palpatine. He struggles to overcome this, but ultimately fails, for he sees strength in total evil, total ignorance, and pursues it. Fighting for the light side, it was ignorance that had won the day, ignorance for the power presented by the dark side, and his temptation to it. Here it would too, ignorance to any moral values, anything that might hold him back. He grew strong, yes, but it was this youthful blindness that allowed the Emperor to so easily manipulate him. Total hatred consumed him, for the Emperor, for his inability to defeat him, for that fool Vader most of all, for having behaved so foolishly on the Death Star, had his father been stronger then, Luke would be on top of the Empire today. But it was not so, he was on Korriban, meditating on the corpses of it’s settlers, doing the Emperor’s bidding.
On doing the Emperor’s bidding, Luke gave an aggressive fervor to the Imperial military, he forced his men to resent all their enemies, and turned them into fanatical fighting machines. His control over the minds of Imperial soldiers became alarming, the famed General Veers grew an addiction to his presence, and once a controlled and civilized officer, pushed his men into battle under any conditions so as to see corpse ridden battlefields, which he believed were the culmination of beauty. The Imperial war machine became stronger for it, many Rebels deserted because of the mercilessness of Imperial forces, and because of Luke’s betrayal. Seeing he who once was the one hope of freedom cutting it to remains with his light saber, was a nerve shaking moment for all rebel troops. The majority cried, quietly.
Luke’s campaigns against the Alliance to Restore the Republic, crushed all of it’s direct influence, beheaded it’s extensive spy networks, and annihilated the cream of the Rebellion, it’s most brilliant officers, it’s most powerful vehicles, it’s most useful worlds, the elitest of it’s units, the most extensive of their shipyards and the most capable of it’s factories. Nothing was spared, everything the Rebellion could be proud of was destroyed.
The Empire, however, remained on the verge of collapse. Initially, not at all by the Black Sun or the Mandalorians, but by mass rebellions. The citizens of the Empire were openly revolting, times were changing. Some rebellions challenged order, some challenged the Emperor, some challenged the existence of the galaxy, but all appeared as a direct result of the Alliance, it‘s efforts, and it‘s ultimate downfall. Only two months after the battle of Endor, another climactic battle occurred, in which the fully operational Second Death Star, was destroyed. The Imperial fleet was not responding as a result of civil disorder. And it wasn’t just the Empire, the entire galaxy was rising up in arms…

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Wow this is longer than my book report!!! XD

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foreverrussia1 Author
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Well hey, we have to make it detailed :)

At least it was entertaining, right?

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It sure beat my book report in entertainment too XD

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