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Announcing the PVKII x Gamebanana Close Quarters Combat Mapping Competition! Small maps with big fun and much booty to be won! Visit our official website for contest info and how to enter!

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PVKII x GB Mapping Comp winter s

Ye' be time for an adventure! Sail alone or take your crew to conquer a smaller land cuz well, a victory be a victory. Besiege 'em in close quarters combat and give 'em no quarter like this land ain't big enough for thirty two of us! Treasures abound and more to come if more set sail to seek victory. Those that make the most fruitful worlds will earn the spoils. Alas, not every fine sailor, tree huggin' overgrown bearded oaf, or lubby-dubby-sissy-scrubby can win! But best ye' try!

In other words, make a small map with big fun! We've got template layouts and prefabs to make the seas not so rough. What ye choose to do with them, or not with them, be the adventure! May the best maps win!

First Place - $250
Second Place - $175
Third Place - $100

*More booty added to the prize pool as more contestants enter!

The maps will be graded by a selection of Main Event Judges and Community Judges. Main Event Judges are well known individuals from the PVKII Team past and present, and Source Modding Community. Check out the growing list here. Community Judges be you! To apply to be a community judge please click here. Maps be judged on Polish/Optimization, Gameplay, Originality, and Graphics/ Visuals!

We've partnered up with the one and only Gamebanana crew! Check out all the pvkii content on their website. We encourage contestants to use Gamebanana to share progress.

Ye' mapping competition has just begun and ends on May 1st 2022 AD one stroke after midnight for ye' east coast swindlers! Visit the contest page for contest info, important dates, rules, tips and tutorials, and how to enter. Winners announced May 8th 2022 AD. What ye' be waiting for? Set sail and conquer!

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