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Survius 0.7.5 fixes a lot of the reported issues of the previous version. But it also introduces a new feature; using your fists as a weapon.

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Too much as changed since the last update posted here. But here's a brief summary.


The building system has had it's fair share of tweaks and fixes and is finally fully working.

066 big basePeople are creating amazing bases all around the island


A lot of detail has been added to the island of Survius, like this abandoned military base.

0 6 2 military base
Where did I park my Hummer?


Two servers were added to the server list; one for the South American-region, and one for players from the Asia-region.

071 server browser
If your ping to a server is over 200, you can't join it


In previous versions, you were totally defenseless until you found your first weapons. Now you can finally use your fists and punch some zombies in the face.

074 punching
Everybody was zombie fighting... ha!


And finally I did a few tweaks to the UI which I show off in the video below.

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