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Its scroll time! Enter a world of spikes, danger and espionage – jump straight into all the action with three very different and unique characters: Pule, Peggis and Smash, each unique in their own ways and designed to fit all different play styles.

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Hi all,

As I am sure you are all aware Pule launched this week :) The response has been mostly positive, yay! So far I have spotted a few bugs myself and I am currently working on fixing them. First of all I am researching ways of making the correct font appear without having to install it, so the current font bug will hopefully be fixed soon. Also there was a bug with the windows mouse cursor not appearing if you weren't hovering over the window - that IS now fixed. However, these are not game breaking bugs and will be fixed in the first content update for Pule and I am not going to release a bug fix update until then if I can help it. If you discover any more bugs please do report them here.

Whilst I am on the topic of the new content update I will go into a little more detail. This update will be focused around character balancing (Suggest ideas here) and level balancing (Suggest ideas here). This will involve a whole switch in the combat system, more follows. I will be buffing all enemy health to be in-line with character health (100,150,200 ect) however if I only did this then you wouldn't stand a chance so all characters will also be buffed too! More details on that to come. With regards to new content, the update will contain three new characters and a new mode! Here's a little hint of what these are going to be: Au and 2,15,19,19. Very cryptic I know but if you can crack the codes then you have secret knowledge of the next update ;) With regards of a release date, at this moment in time I am unsure, but I want to get it out as soon as possible.

In other news, I have received feedback on the level replay mechanic. At the moment if you die you return to the main menu and it has been suggested that I create a pause menu. This would take a lot of work and reduce content in the next update, however I have come up with two possible ways to get around this ready for the next update. 1. The level you are playing would automatically restart if you die (without the loading screen) and when you wanted to exit you could just press the escape key or backspace. 2. Keep it the same and work on new content for longer. I have created a strawpoll and it would be appreciated if you voted so that I can keep the majority happy with the level system. Strawpoll:

Apart from that check out the forums for more up to date updates

Thanks H8223R (Creator and Developer of Pule)

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