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The Pule 1.3 Update is coming and its bringing a brand new launcher, installer, character balances as well as many bug and quality fixes :)

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Hello everybody and today I glad to announce the brand-new content improvement update for Pule. The 1.3 Update. This update focuses primarily on improving the game rather than adding new content to the game.

The first major improvement is a brand-new installer. Now when you head over to IndieDB you download a fancy new installer that will be updated every time an update is released and all you have to do is run it. Head through the pages of information, install the game files and now you will see a brand new Pule Launcher appear on your desktop. The launcher is a brand-new way for me, as the developer, to reach out to the community letting you know of newly released updates as well as teasers constantly flowing onto this app. Along the bottom you have buttons to take you to the Pule Website and Forum as well as the play button to jump back into the game. Now let’s jump into the game itself and all of its changes.

Eyesore is a brand-new character added in the Portal Of Mystery update however he has been changed to balance him out. The first balance is that every Eyesore variant has had their damage halved to increase the amount of time that he takes to kill an enemy. The final change is that the ammo counter has been replaced by an infinite symbol. This causes the player to use Eyesores laser wisely as they are unsure when they are going to overheat.

Character balancing returns to this update for two more class-wide changes. Pule, Fire Pule, Ice Pule, Toxic Pule, Energy Pule have all had their rate of fire decreased allowing Pule to do more damage over time. And Smash has also seen some changes this time around, his reload has been reduced by a second allowing for more ammo, quicker. This change has been applied to every Smash in the game.

There have been several bug fixes to Mystery Mode such as the portal generation improvements, Mystery Man pop up now displaying properly and the portal lock gui being fixed. Now for me this works how it should, the coloured squares match the order of the portals and the portal opens up. However, my tester for this update has been unable to get this to work and I am currently unsure why. If this is a problem for you please can you head onto the forums and under Bugs please can you report this so I can release a fix as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading this update on Pule but this will be the last update of 2017 however should some big game breaking bugs be discovered, I will release a bug fix update, just keep an eye in the launcher for any more information about that. With current plans being to release the next update early next year, keep a keen eye out for more information to come.

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