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Community Importance of software. Please read more for testing this mod.

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Starflier is going to be a rather large mod when completed, essentially replacing the existing freelancer universe and likely more. In any large scale project, errors crop up. Debugging in freelancer is not easy, so some errors may go unnoticed for a time.

Common obstacles I've had to overcome included...

-> Crashes through gates
-> Tradelane crashes
-> Docking rings inside planets

Now that I've gotten some experience, I am glad to release this small sample of the final world to come. But I need to be sure it's clean. Therefore.....

Public Testing is vital to the success of any software project. For that reason, I am calling on all of you to test the 3-15-09 release of starscape.

You are looking for inconsistencies, crashes, etc.

Send anything you find to

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