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The TAA Team lets fans participate in the development of several aspects of the mod like HC cards, technologies and other needed material. ;)

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Heyaho, we decided on giving people the chance to participate in the development of several aspects of the game like Homecity cards, technologies or other material which will be needed. We just began to create material for you which is relevant or you simply need to know in the process of research. The first task is a research on Roman HC cards with a focus on military shipments. The basic economy cards are already done, so you might just add something which convices you to be unique to Romans. ;)

Interested? Then you can simply check the thread in our public forum on, you're welcome!

Others, who might not be attracted by a little bit of work should also take a look. The public material consists just to a certain part of known stuff, I guess the military Roman techtree might interesting for everyone! ^^

Greets, check us!

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