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Join us as we celebrate the release of the public demo. It contains all the major features of the original game but is limited in content. You get to play up to two game modes from the original game at a time. Available game modes may rotate at irregular intervals.

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The initial version of the demo contains one game mode we have just released in September 2017. It is a full scale battle between two sides. Dominate the enemy, capture all control points to win the game while fighting off hordes upon hordes. Do not fear! Your army fights alongside as you wrestle for supremacy. The other game mode is classic king of the hill with a twist unique to TMM: Entourage. Holding the central objective yields victory points, while conquering the outer objectives add to your income. Choose wisely when to take which objective.

We've decided to pack these two game modes together because they highlight how distinct the game modes in TMM: Entourage feel. Each game mode got a unique mechanic and varies up game play quite a bit. We also want to push the boundaries with each new release and introduce more and more creative ways to play this game in the future.

You may download the demo via direct link Install or through the store page

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