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The game's public demo is getting a push back to a later date to allow for more development time on the storyline and bug fixing.

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Currently the game is developing well, however it is not going fast enough to merit releasing to the full public, for a number of reasons including lack of a decent drop off point in the storyline, various major bugs, and missing resources.

Some of the bugs we are working on solving:

  • Death Curse System: This has basically broken down into anarchy at the present time and is needing a major overhaul. The two prominent issues are a annoying habit of kicking the player from combat whenever the timer hits zero, and single monsters, (monsters in groups work fine) do not give time bonuses for slaying them. Both are heavy prevalent issues, and until it is fixed, we will be needing further development time to defeat them.
  • Bugged NPCs and Conversations: This one gets old fast, as some NPCs strangely have a tendency to repeat dialogue and some NPCs are downright broken (very few).

We're also working on attack animations at this time, but it may end up being a feature added after the demo is released.

This part of the game development process may take longer to complete, and we may not have as much content to unveil at this time, unfortunately. Still, I will do my best to get content out to you guys. Stay tuned!


Here are two of the new player party concepts we have been working on, hopefully we'll get an opportunity to add more into the game!

EvaGardis and Mervin

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