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Confirmation on the first demo release date for 6/25/2015, general project news.

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So as the title says, the first public demo of the game is planned for 6/25/2015. I'm well on my way to making the demo, and the storyline is coming together bit by bit. I still have a lot of ground to cover, but by this point, everything should be ready on time, unless somehow an absolute disaster hits and causes big delays.

I'm really anxious as the days go by, and I can't help but wonder how the game will do on its first push into the public. If I don't make the 25th deadline, the next best date will be 7/10/2015, though I don't think I'll need that much time at this point. It could happen, like the many other times I have been terribly wrong, but I'm sailing with moderate confidence and the progress backs me up enough to merit this announcement, which is rare for me.

The Public Demo, Alpha Version 1.0 will include the entire storyline for Chapter 1, and incomplete versions of 2 and 3. I expect at least 2 hours, maybe 3 hours of gameplay. Maybe more, if one decides to venture the map for a while. The support for this project has been amazing, and I look forward to hearing from you all. The game's conception date, June 9th, is only a few days away. It will be exactly a year old. (Right)?

As for the last private playtest for this chapter, I expect it to be ready by the end of the week or early next. It will go all the way to the final dungeon of Chapter 1, but the dungeon will not be accessible until release of the public demo.

Thanks for reading guys, and I hope to have more news soon. Just so you know, I have a livestream which I have been streaming regularly on, so if you want to see the game's progress and or chat with me, you can check it out at

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