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Forgotten went public. Finally. Oh, and the project is going good too.

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Yes, yes. I just checked the site today, and boy. It was published.
I'm happy.
And for those screenshots in the red room, the room is now much better, with props and a door button.

Hope you'll check on this mod weekly or even... Daily?

Well. The project is going great, and I like doing it.

I'll be submitting a video as soon as I get the level change working, but beware, as the prologue still has no fainting animation in the end, which is supposed to happen. So it'll probably look pretty bad.
And the second room start you're supposed to wake up. Not done yet. So yeh, not looking finished at all.

But I'll spoil one thing to you. It won't have all the HL2 weapons. Can you guess which ones of them?
Or will you guess in the game? It'll be hard, as every weapon that it has is not from HL2, and are custom models and skins.

Well, that's all for now.
Project is going great, and see you around.

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