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More changes in code and cosmetics! What more could you ask for?

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This one was a while coming.

Anyway, Public Beta 3 is now available for download. This update includes more changes in cosmetics and balancing changes.

Note that this update was pushed out before I saw any new feedback. I will try to focus on the new issues brought up these past few days in the next update. I'm gonna have trouble fixing the issue with boss death sequences, though...

Without further adue, here is the changelog.

-Upgrade modules will now only spawn if the player has already acquired a Rev-X (Many thanks to 0x8BADF00D for helping me out with this!).
-The Rev-X has been moved to Slot 4, since I feel it fits better within the same slot as the V-Gun.
-The Firestick now uses its own rare "Dragon's Breath" rounds.
-In traditional video game style, the Railgun now does more damage, but now takes a longer time to recover after firing.
-Slightly functioning code for Heretic compatibility is now present. The mod does not start up in Heretic, though, due to ANIMDEFS. I might remove this some time in the future.

-Enemies will now change their color palette when set on fire. Until I can find a better palette (Preferably a mix of red/orange/yellow), this uses a Virtual Boy-themed red I found on the ZDoom Forums (Kudos to SuperSomariDX).
-Taking note from WildWeasel's Cola 3, the LEDs on the back of the Rev-X will appear as turned off when selecting/deselecting the weapon.
-The color of the light (Green), heavy (Blue), and praetor (Red) armor vests have been redone (Based on the armor sprite used in NAM) to make their usefulness more obvious.
-Finished the player's sprite set for crouching.
-Blood splatter FX has been removed to make way for gore mod compatibility.
-Heavily improved upon the menu cursor's quality.
-The Railgun's viewmodel is now on the right side of the screen, as with the rest of the arsenal. This leaves us with the Missile Launcher...
-The V-Gun's sprites have been changed, now being a hybrid of ebola's original FreeDoom minigun and an edit done by goldsteed of GMID's official Discord server.
-The Pineapple Jammer now makes use of Dzierzan's widescreen Duke 64 Grenade Launcher sprites.
-The Excessive Force's muzzle flash has been cleaned up (The original sheet the sprites came from used Duke3D's color palette instead of Lameduke's).

-Fixed certain metal textures not having footstep sounds when walked over.
-Rerecorded/restored a few player sounds (Because I don't know how to pronounce "arrivederci" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).
-Pestis Cruento has been converted to mono, trimmed, and stripped of its metadata, all for the sake of file size.
-Completely redid the sounds for the Sawn Off Wielder. The old sounds were fine; I just didn't want to get myself in trouble for using sounds from an unfinished and still-in-beta mod.
-Caleb's sounds have been reconverted, improving file size and quality in the process.
-Changed the debug sound because this mod needs more arcade game references like I promised (Even if it's unused in both the game the sound is sourced from and this mod).
-Skull keys now have their own pickup sounds.
-The Angle Grinder now makes proper noises when hitting a wall or an enemy.
-The Beretta's sounds have been reverted to their prerelease versions, with a new version added for the Dual Berettas.
-Added an entirely new set of sounds for the GMBot, inspired by the Dukeinators in Duke Nukem Forever: The Doctor Who Cloned Me.
-Finally replaced the placeholder player sounds. The death sounds aren't exactly what I was hoping I could create, but they still sound fine to me.
-Death in the Mines has been replaced with a higher-quality version that isn't ripped from YouTube.

-Master Force enemies will now drop their items the moment they're set on fire; Their unpredictable wandering could result in their items being unreachable (i.e. in E1M3: Toxin Refinery).
-Greatly simplified the A.I. for the ZSec enemies to make them less of Realm667 copy-paste jobs.
-The stunning state for enemies after being hit by the player's foot has been extended, making the Mighty Foot actually somewhat useful.
-The player can now kick with the Soul Cube selected.
-The speed of most possessed human enemies has been increased to match the rest of the mod's bestiary.
-All non-gore decoration replacers have been removed. Where's the sense in shooting your friends to progress in SIGIL? Exactly.

-The Q&A section of the included README has been edited to be more helpful and less "Stormy Blue bad lololol".
-A lore file (Titled "Briefing.txt") has been added to explain the backstory and give a few combat tips, inspired by Marisa Kirisame's SWWM GZ.
-Rewrote Knee-Deep in the Dead's ending, stating the reason why you are on Deimos with nothing but a Beretta.
-Made some minor changes and tweaks to obituaries.
-Added some new quit messages.

Like always, the beta is available in the mod's download section.

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