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All credits for PTCS that I know of. If I missed any credits feel free to message me. Thanks and hope you enjoy this mod!

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-Various inside jokes/memes - Source modding community on discord, Valve cut content and friends, Nonagon.

Music/soundtracks -
-Music credits can be found in the music folder

Voiceacting -
-Clockface as PTSD sidekick)

-Random Scientist screams - Half-life 1 (Valve)
-Random Ratchet and clank sounds - Insomniac
-Random Misc Battle for bikini bottom sounds - Heavy iron studios
-Random Misc Team fortress 2 sounds - Valve
-Random Jokes, remixed music and sounds - Source modding community/friends/Valve cut content
-Random memes/misc - Youtube/Random games
-Random misc Zelda wind waker sounds (Misc 1 and Misc 2) - Nintendo

-Patty wagon edited by Ethosaur (original model by Heavy iron studios)
-Clockface npc model -Clockface
-Fumpstatue/gordon statue - Source modding community
-Punt content- Reepblue and Colossal
-Puntgun edit by Ethosaur, original model by Rhetorical studios? Reepblue? I dont know.

All level design by Ethosaur

-Old punt textures + Model textures etc by Chris aka Colossal <3
-New punt textures + Model textures by BlueASIS/Stonie <3
-Memes textures edited/made by Ethosaur, members of source modding community, Valve Cut content, friends and members PTSD 2 discord channel.
Thank you for your contribution!
-Weapon textured edited by Ethosaur, origina textures from Ratchet and clank (Original textures by Insomniac)
-Ripped and edited textures by Ethosaur from Ratchet and clank series (Original textures by Insomniac)
-Ripped and edited textures by Ethosaur from Spongebob movie game (Original textures by Heavy iron studios)
-Screaming scientist painting by Chris Dando

All other maps, models, textures, sounds and memes made by Ethosaur (Edos models)

Again, Big thanks to: Reepblue/everyone who worked on punt for letting me use both old and new punt content in this mod, Also thanks to everyone for waiting patiently for PTSD 2, I am working on it still!
Also thanks to all my friends at Nonagon discord for various memes, sounds, models and textures. And finally, thank you for playing this mod!

If I have missed any other credit and you see/know some missing, please feel free to tell me and I will add it to the list.

Follow development of any future stuff im making, on my discord:


"-Random Scientist screams - Half-life 1 (Valve)"

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